Kelsey Savoy '17

Kelsey Savoy '17

Admissions Interviewer


Political Science




Royalston, Massachusetts

Why I chose Union

I was looking for a small liberal arts school not more than 3 hours away from home, with strong academics, extracurriculars and sense of community. Union had all of that!

Study Abroad:   

Mini Term to Argentina

Favorite professor: 

Professor Brad Hayes is my favorite because not only is he incredibly entertaining, but he has very engaging ideas that incorporate pop culture with issues in political science.

Favorite class: 

“Terrorism and Torture” – This class really sparked an interest in me about how to deal with terrorism and now I am currently writing my senior thesis on how terrorism can affect political elections.

Favorite activity:   

Tutoring at Kenney Community Center

Favorite place on campus:

The 3rd floor of the Nott is my favorite place on campus because it is a fantastic environment for getting some studying done beyond the library.

Favorite local restaurant: 


Favorite food on campus: 

Smoothies from Rathskeller