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Admissions Interviewers

Admissions Interviewers

Laura Schaffer '17

Laura Schaffer '17

Admissions Interviewer



Anthropology and Sociology




Stamford, Connecticut             

Why I chose Union:

I grew up at a small overnight summer camp where interpersonal relationships and community were really valued. When I learned about Union (and eventually came to visit), I felt that there was not only a great community, but also an exciting energy emanating from active engagement and creativity throughout campus.  Now I get to feel that every day! 

Study Abroad:

Fiji Term Abroad, Civil Rights Mini-Term

Favorite classes:

African American Protest Movements” with Professor Lawson, “Anthropology of Islam” with Professor Khan, and my independent study abroad - just to name a few.

Favorite activities:

Running (and not running) with my cross country/track teammates and reading

Favorite place on campus:

Anywhere outside on a sunny day! This summer I spent a lot of time in the gardens, on the back patio of Reamer, and outside of Lamont reading and painting.

Favorite local restaurant:

MORE Perreca’s – I share Leslie Knope’s sentiments about breakfast foods

Favorite food on campus:

Anything and everything at Ozone Café