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Admissions Interviewers

Admissions Interviewers

Arielle Singer '18

Arielle Singer '18

Admissions Interviewer



Marketing Engineering Products (Organizing Theme)


Digital Media


Culver City, Calif.    

Why I chose Union:

I was looking for a small school that allowed me to combine aspects of both the liberal arts and engineering, and Union fit the bill. In addition, when I visited campus there was a certain home-y feeling I hadn’t felt anywhere else.


Marketing intern for Cooler Master, where I ran their North American social media platforms for three months (summer 2016) and Admissions intern at Eastern Kentucky University (summer 2017)

Favorite professors:

Fernando Orellana and Nick Webb. Fernando got me into the world of digital art and really inspired me to explore that realm, something I had never thought of before coming to Union. Nick is the sassiest British man you will ever meet and he makes learning Computer Science immensely fun. 

Favorite classes:

My Sophomore Research Seminar (SRS) focused on the Scottish Witch Trials, something I would never have had time for in my normal class schedule. It was one of the most intriguing classes I have taken here. For my final paper, I was even able to tie it in with my own interests in women’s studies and write about the misogynistic nature of the trials.

Favorite activities:

Mountebanks and Baja SAE. Within the Mountebanks (Union’s theatre club), I’ve been able to keep up with my love of musical theatre and learn about both the onstage portion and the backstage directing and producing side of theatre. The Baja SAE team builds an all-terrain vehicle and competes with it every year, I’ve been able to get involved in the marketing and fundraising side of the team which has opened my eyes to lots of great and new things.

Favorite place on campus:

Reamer Campus Center and doing work there. It’s probably one of the busiest places on campus, but the white noise provides some comfort, and randomly running into friends allows me to take short breaks

Favorite local restaurant:

Persian Bite, a small family-owned Persian restaurant where they have welcomed me in as part of the family

Favorite food on campus:

Upperclass Dining Hall introduced the most amazing thing this past year: a pasta bar! This has quickly become one of my favorite things on campus because of the amazing variety of pasta mix-ins.