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Admissions Interviewers

Admissions Interviewers

Julie Sophis '17

Julie Sophis '17

Admissions Interviewer





Environmental Studies


Whitman, Massachusetts

Why I chose Union: 

I fell in love with how Union is a liberal arts college with strong science departments. Union was the college I could see as my home during my college years.

Study Abroad: 

New Zealand Mini Term (2015)


New Hampshire Environmental Services (Summer 2015), Clean Energy Alliance (Fall 2016)

Favorite professor: 

Professor Garver of the geology department is my favorite professor. His lecture style engages the entire class to watch as he explains complex concepts in simple terms.

Favorite class: 

“Active Tectonics” has been my favorite class thus far at Union. This class solidified my interest in geology and led me to choose a senior thesis that has a strong focus on plate movement.

Favorite activity: 


Favorite place on campus: 

The Lamont building is my favorite spot on campus. Aside from being a beautiful building with quiet spots to study, Lamont has a front porch that makes for a perfect place to sit and do work in nice weather.

Favorite local restaurant: 


Favorite food on campus: 

Dawn’s Chili in Dutch