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Admissions Interviewers

Admissions Interviewers

Matt Wu '17

Matt Wu '17

Admissions Interviewer



Leadership in Medicine – Biology and Sociology


Seattle, Washington

Why I chose Union:

I chose Union because I wanted the opportunity to study a variety of disciplines. Throughout my life, I have always cherished having different experiences and interests; similarly, I wanted to engage in a wide scope of academic fields in college. The program I am currently enrolled in allows me to study lab science, business, and the humanities while remaining on the pre-medical curriculum. 

Study Abroad:

National Health Systems summer term

Favorite professor:

Professor Robert Lauzon was formerly an immunologist at Albany Medical Center, and he brings his research and clinical experience to the classroom. My favorite aspect of his teaching is that he ensures that his students understand how to perform the biochemistry techniques that professional research labs all use. In his class, I learned both immunological concepts and bench research techniques, which provided a deeper understanding of the science. Additionally, his passion for teaching and his truly kind nature make him easily approachable whenever help is needed.

Favorite class:

“Comparative Health Systems” – This class compares and contrasts the different healthcare systems found throughout the world. Interestingly, the United States ranks extremely low relative to other democratic countries in its provision of healthcare to its citizens. The class (which had a total of five students) discusses the ideological and policy basis of the US system, and the resulting issues that arise. Further, the class invites students to look at international precedents to propose realistic solutions to improve the care in our country. I appreciated that this class allowed me to combine both philosophical and pragmatic perspectives in order to find answers to healthcare's problems. 

Favorite activity:

Concordiensis school newspaper

Favorite place on campus:

Hull Plaza is the gorgeous area in front of the Schaffer Library, in the middle of the academic scene at Union. On weekdays, the plaza is buzzing as events are regularly held there, and students traffic through it to reach their respective classes. On weekends, it is a quiet area to sit and reflect, with a picturesque view of the Nott Memorial and the city of Schenectady as the backdrop. I sit there watching students walk by, and I love the diversity that Union has to offer. If you want a classic view of the small liberal arts college, just step onto Hull Plaza.

Favorite local restaurant:

Arthur’s Market

Favorite food on campus:

Dutch Hollow’s chicken parm with onions