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Rachel McNeil '18

Rachel McNeil '18

Job Title
Senior Assistant Dean of Admissions
Grant Hall

Union was and still is a perfect fit for me. As a student, I was interested in pursuing interdisciplinary studies in art and science. I eventually created my own organizing theme major in digital media, taking classes in computer science, film studies and digital art. I also minored in psychology, and I was able to incorporate each area into a unique research project and senior thesis during my junior and senior years. Union’s supportive, innovative, passionate and tight-knit community has empowered me and made my time here unforgettable.

My favorite campus spot is the Nott Memorial. It is a fascinating piece of the College’s history, and I also love to check out what’s new in the galleries there – the Mandeville on the second floor and the Wikoff Student Gallery on the third. The Nott is a perfect place to enjoy inspiring, beautiful artwork without ever leaving campus.

The arts are a big part of my life outside of my work environment. I love graphic design projects and film criticism. You can often find me hanging at an art museum or gallery, sketching in a notebook at a local café, or at home re-watching “The Office” with my family and friends. And for the last few years, I’ve been making my way through a list of “300 Must-See Films for the Aspiring Film Critic.” When I started the list, I had seen 34 films; I'm now up to 124! This means I often have a new favorite movie every other week. As for music, these days I’m enjoying the “Mellow Mornings” playlist on Spotify.