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The Trimester System

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Hannah Gotoff '18
Hometown: Lewisburg, Pa.
Major: Psychology
Minors: Anthropology and History

Being a student athlete, I have to learn how to balance being a student and an athlete, along with extracurriculars, a social life, and of course, keeping up with family at home. The trimester system essentially breaks up a year-long season into three sections. For lacrosse, spring term is the busiest, where we will be traveling every other weekend, so I really had to learn to manage my time wisely. I learned to adapt to my athletic. The trimester system actually makes it fairly easy to be able to plan out my academic schedule and I rarely run into scheduling issues. 

Akshay Kashyap '18
Hometown: Bangalore, India 
Majors: Computer Science, Mathematics

I love the trimester system here at Union since it allows me to focus intently on each of my three courses. Because it is so flexible, I can also devote greater time to my research practicums, personal projects like building mobile apps, and extracurricular activities.

CaelanCaelan Lapointe '15
Hometown: Hallowell, Maine
Major: Mechanical Engineering and Japanese, interdepartmental

From an alumnus' perspective, trimesters gave me flexibility to complete requirements for engineering and also take Japanese courses. I was able to study in Japan my junior year without falling behind in engineering. I also really appreciated our extended winter break. One winter, I used it to go on the mini-term to New Zealand.


Shauntai Quinlon '17

Hometown: Bronx, N.Y. 
Major: Theater 
Minor: French and Francophone Studies

I like the trimester system because it gives me the chance to explore every class that interests me. It allows me figure out what I enjoy doing the most, what doesn't appeal to me and, most importantly, what I want to do next.


ZachZach Taye '18
Hometown: Boston, Mass.
Major: Neuroscience
Minor: Africana Studies

With trimesters, you meet students and professors from different fields and discover new interests. For instance, in an interdisciplinary course called Games, I learned about game theory. We were taught by faculty from neuroscience, psychology, economics, math and more. The trimester system has enabled me to meet more professors and build relationships with them.