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The Trimester System

Designed for you

Akshay Kashyap Akshay Kashyap '18
Hometown: Bangalore, India
Majors: Computer Science, Mathematics

I love the trimester system here at Union since it allows me to focus intently on each of my three courses. Because it is so flexible, I can also devote greater time to my research practicums, personal projects like building mobile apps, and extracurricular activities.

Christina Pastore
Christina Pastore '16
Hometown: Saratoga Springs, N.Y.
Major: History

With courses changing more often than during a semester schedule, I can take even more classes with professors that I love. The long winter break is perfect for working at my job at an event planning and creative design business, and taking three courses at a time allows me to arrange my schedule so I can work during the school year, as well.

Shauntai QuinlonShauntai Quinlon '17
Hometown: Bronx, N.Y.
Major: Theater
Minor: French and Francophone Studies

I like the trimester system because it gives me the chance to explore every class that interests me. It allows me figure out what I enjoy doing the most, what doesn't appeal to me and, most importantly, what I want to do next.

Caelan Lapointe

Caelan Lapointe '15

Hometown: Hallowell, Maine
Major: Mechanical Engineering and Japanese, Interdepartmental

Trimesters gave me flexibility to complete requirements for engineering and also take Japanese courses. I was able to study in Japan my junior year without falling behind in engineering. I also really appreciated our extended winter break. One winter, I used it to go on the mini-term to New Zealand.