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About Trimesters

About Trimesters

Union’s academic calendar takes advantage of three trimesters each year.

What is a trimester at Union? There are three academic terms (trimesters) each year. Each trimester is ten weeks in length and ends with a week of exams.

How many classes do you take each term? Students typically take three classes each trimester and nine courses each year. Engineers add an additional course to the year and complete ten classes. Labs are included as a part of a class.

What are the benefits of the trimester?

  1. Class sizes are smaller than they would be if Union had a semester calendar. Introductory class average is 21 students; upper level is 14.
  2. Students majoring in all disciplines – including engineering and sciences- have the opportunity to participate in study abroad programs because of the trimester.
  3. Students can schedule classes in three terms rather than two, allowing for more flexibility in scheduling.
  4. The shorter term and longer class times enhance the close working relationship between students and faculty.

What does the calendar look like? Union starts classes in the week after Labor Day and completes the fall trimester before Thanksgiving. The winter trimester starts in early January and wraps up at the end of March. The third begins in April and ends in the first week of June.

Do students like the trimester? They do! The flexibility works for students who want to double major, explore different academic subjects, study abroad or play an intercollegiate sport.

How do students use the break in December? Students explore internships, participate in three-week mini-terms abroad or in the USA, continue research projects started during the term, take on seasonal jobs or enjoy a month of vacation.