Course Schedules
Fall Term 2005

Due to legal and privacy considerations, all personal roster information is no longer available.
Cls 011066EGL-113-01 Creative Writing Workshop 1Y ARTS 210 MWF 01:45PM-02:50PM Selley, A.R. WAC16 15
Cls 011067EGL-119-01 Major English Authors 1  HUMN 117 TTH 09:00AM-10:40AM Stevenson, R. EULS/WAC24 25
Cls 011701EGL-119-02 Major English Authors 1  HUMN 213 TTH 09:00AM-10:40AM Doyle, K.A. EULS/WAC14 16
Cls 011068EGL-120-01 Major English Authors 2  HUMN 115 MWF 10:50AM-11:55AM Heinegg, P. EULS/WAC31 35
Cls 011070EGL-120-02 Major English Authors 2  HUMN 117 TTH 01:45PM-03:25PM McCord, J. EULS30 35
Cls 011071EGL-121-01 Major English Authors 3  HUMN 117 MWF 01:45PM-02:50PM EULS/WAC30 35
Cls 011072EGL-122-01 Major American Authors 1  HUMN 115 MWF 08:20AM-09:25AM Kuhn, B. AMLS/WAC34 30
Cls 011073EGL-122-02 Major American Authors 1  HUMN 116 MWF 01:45PM-02:50PM MacDonald, B. AMLS33 30
Cls 011074EGL-124-01 Major American Authors 2  HUMN 117 MWF 03:00PM-04:05PM Romero, C.M. AMLS19 35
Cls 011075EGL-231A-01 Studies: How to Read Poetry  BAIL 106 TTH 01:45PM-03:25PM Stevenson, R. EULS/AMLS/WAC18 15
Cls 011076EGL-234B-01 Literature of American WestY BAIL 106 MWF 09:35AM-10:40AM MacDonald, B. AML/WAC12 10
Cls 011361EGL-234H-01 American Indian Lit  BAIL 106 MWF 01:45PM-02:50PM Romero, C.M. AML/WAC15 19
Cls 011077EGL-236B-01 African American Lit II  HUMN 115 TTH 09:00AM-10:40AM Pavlic, E. AMLS/CDAA/WAC18 19
Cls 011078EGL-236C-01 Black Music & American Lit  BAIL 104 TTH 01:45PM-03:25PM Pavlic, E. AML/CDAA/WAC20 19
Cls 011080EGL-244-01 Enlightenment & Romanticism  NWSE 116 MWF 10:50AM-11:55AM Kuhn, B. EUC/WAC13 19
Cls 011636EGL-295H-01 English Honors Ind Study 1  TBA TBA - Jenkins, H.  2 5
Cls 011082EGL-356-01 Shakespeare after 1600  HUMN 016+ MWF 10:50AM-11:55AM Jenkins, H. EUL/WAC23 19
Cls 011083EGL-361-01 Rise of the Novel  HUMN 115 MWF 01:45PM-02:50PM Lewin, J.M. EUL/WAC19 19
Cls 011085EGL-364-01 Post-Napoleonic Period  HUMN 117 TTH 10:50AM-12:30PM McCord, J. EUL/WAC9 19
Cls 011086EGL-377-01 Contemporary American Novel  BAIL 104 MWF 10:50AM-11:55AM Marten, H. AML/WAC21 19
Cls 011088EGL-487-01 Sr Sem: Shakespeare in FilmY HUMN 112+ TTH 10:50AM-12:30PM WS/EUL11 15
Cls 011733EGL-490-01 English Independent Study 1  TBA TBA - McCord, J.  1 0
Cls 011089EGL-498-01 English Senior Honors Thesis 1Y HUMN 016+ MW 03:00PM-04:40PM Kuhn, B. WS2 6
Cls 011573EGL-498-02 English Senior Honors Thesis 1  TBA TBA - Romero, C.M.  1 5
Cls 011591EGL-498-03 English Senior Honors Thesis 1  TBA TBA - Pavlic, E.  1 5
Cls 011614EGL-498-04 English Senior Honors Thesis 1  TBA TBA - MacDonald, B.  1 5

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