Course Schedules
Fall Term 2006
Women's and Gender Studies

Due to legal and privacy considerations, all personal roster information is no longer available.
Cls 014055WGS-131-01 US History, 1974-2000Y HUMN 014+ MW 03:05PM-04:45PM Feffer, A.  35 35
Cls 013995WGS-135-01 Contemporary Japanese Society  SSCI 012+ MWF 11:45AM-12:50PM Matsue, J.M. CDEA17 18
Cls 013909WGS-219-01 Soc of Women & Health  HUMN 019+ TTH 09:00AM-10:45AM Grigsby, J.  21 30
Cls 014054WGS-230-01 Psychology of Sex RolesY BAIL 300 MWF 03:05PM-04:10PM Donaldson, G.  20 25
Cls 013996WGS-231-01 Women's Lives Across Cultures  ORAN 106+ TTH 01:55PM-03:40PM Gmelch, S.  15 19
Cls 013991WGS-235-01 Am Indian Women Writers  HUMN 117 TTH 10:55AM-12:40PM Romero, C.M. WAC14 25
Cls 013908WGS-287-01 Health Politics & PolicyY NWSE 116 MWF 10:30AM-11:35AM Weiner, T.  29 30
Cls 013992WGS-305-01 Jr. Seminar: the Brontes  HUMN 213 MW 03:05PM-04:45PM Lewin, J.M. WAC11 15
Cls 014053WGS-336-01 Chaucer: Troilus & Criseyde  OLIN 305 TTH 10:55AM-12:40PM Doyle, K.A. EUL6 15
Cls 013807WGS-338-01 Feminists Write the FutureY RCC 302 TTH 10:55AM-12:40PM
Marso, L.J.
Chilcoat, A. M.
 15 20
Cls 013907WGS-382-01 Domestic Violence  SSCI 103 MW 03:05PM-04:45PM Leone, J.  26 25
Cls 013723WGS-416-01 Whose Enlightenment?  BEUT 104+ TTH 01:55PM-03:40PM Chilcoat, A. M. EUL/WAC12 19
Cls 014269WGS-498-01 Womens Studies Sr Thesis 1  To Be Announced Marso, L.J.  1 5

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