Course Schedules
Spring Term 2006

Due to legal and privacy considerations, all personal roster information is no longer available.
Cls 012809GEO-102-01 Environmental Geology w/LabY OLIN 115+ MWF 12:05PM-01:10PM Rodbell, D. SCLB40 44
Lab 012810GEO-102L-01 Environmental Geology Lab  OLIN 307+ M 01:45PM-04:35PM Rodbell, D.  20 10
Lab 012814GEO-102L-02 Environmental Geology Lab  OLIN 307+ W 01:45PM-04:35PM Rodbell, D.  20 10
Cls 012819GEO-107-01 Natural Disasters w/labY OLIN 307+ MWF 10:50AM-11:55AM Shaw, G. SCLB22 22
Lab 012820GEO-107L-01 Natural Disasters Lab  OLIN 307+ F 01:45PM-04:35PM Shaw, G.  22 22
Cls 012817GEO-204-01 GIS for Humanity  OLIN 307+ TTH 10:50AM-12:30PM Ghaly, A. SCMJ7 12
Lab 012818GEO-204L-01 GIS for Humanity Lab  OLIN 307+ T 01:45PM-04:35PM Ghaly, A.  7 12
Cls 012815GEO-250-01 Igneous & Metamorphic Rocks  OLIN 332+ TTH 09:00AM-10:40AM Hollocher, K.  5 11
Lab 012816GEO-250L-01 Igneous & Metamorphic Rock Lab  OLIN 332+ TH 01:45PM-04:35PM Hollocher, K.  5 11
Cls 012806GEO-253-01 Structural Geology w/Lab  OLIN 307+ MWF 12:05PM-01:10PM Garver, J. I. WAC9 11
Lab 012807GEO-253L-01 Structural Geology Lab  OLIN 332+ M 01:10PM-04:35PM Garver, J. I.  9 11
Cls 012808GEO-300-01 Glacial & Quaternary Geo w/Lab  OLIN 332+ MWF 10:50AM-11:55AM Smith, Jacqueline A. WAC12 11
Lab 012812GEO-300L-01 Glacial & Quaternary Geo Lab  OLIN 332+ T 12:35PM-04:45PM Smith, Jacqueline A.  12 11
Cls 013553GEO-490-01 Geology Independent Study 1  To Be Announced Hollocher, K.  1 0
Cls 013448GEO-495-01 Geology Research 1  To Be Announced Garver, J. I. WS1 5

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