Course Schedules
Spring Term 2006

Due to legal and privacy considerations, all personal roster information is no longer available.
Cls 012842MTH-054-01 Number Theory  BAIL 102 MWF 10:50AM-11:55AM Blue, J.A. MATH24 23
Cls 012843MTH-055-01 Ancient Greek Mathematics  BAIL 312+ MWF 01:45PM-02:50PM Barbanel, J. MATH27 23
Cls 012844MTH-060-01 Mathematics & Politics  BAIL 100 MWF 09:35AM-10:40AM Taylor, A. MATH25 23
Cls 012845MTH-102-01 Calculus with Precalc 3  BAIL 104 MWF 08:20AM-09:25AM Blue, J.A. MATH27 28
Cls 012846MTH-112-01 Calculus 2Y BAIL 104 MWF 12:05PM-01:10PM Johnson, B. MATH31 28
Cls 012848MTH-115-01 Calculus 3Y BAIL 201+ MWF 01:45PM-02:50PM Cervone, D.P. MATH19 28
Cls 012849MTH-115-02 Calculus 3Y BAIL 201+ MWF 10:50AM-11:55AM Cervone, D.P. MATH20 28
Cls 012851MTH-117-01 Calculus 4:Integral VectorY BAIL 106 MWF 08:20AM-09:25AM Johnson, B.  29 28
Cls 012854MTH-130-01 Ordinary Differential EquationY BAIL 106 MWF 09:35AM-10:40AM
BAIL 106 TH 08:00AM-08:50AM
Otto, P.T. MATH26 28
Cls 012855MTH-130-02 Ordinary Differential EquationY BAIL 201+ MWF 12:05PM-01:10PM
BAIL 201+ T 03:35PM-04:25PM
Teixeira, P. MATH23 28
Cls 012856MTH-138-01 Methods of Applied Math IY BAIL 201+ MWF 08:20AM-09:25AM Black, K.J.  5 25
Cls 012857MTH-199-01 Intro to Logic & Set TheoryY BAIL 106 MWF 10:50AM-11:55AM Friedman, P. MATH/WAC19 20
Cls 012858MTH-221-01 Mathematical CryptologyY OLIN 107+ MWF 09:35AM-10:40AM Lesh, K. MATH21 20
Cls 012860MTH-234-01 Differential EquationsY BAIL 100 MWF 12:05PM-01:10PM Otto, P.T. MATH17 20
Cls 012861MTH-332-01 Abstract Algebra 1Y BAIL 106 MWF 03:00PM-04:05PM Zwicker, W. MATH20 20
Cls 012862MTH-436-01 Topology  BLUE 105+ TTH 09:00AM-10:40AM Tonnesen-Friedman, C MATH10 17
Cls 013361MTH-490-01 Math Independent Study 1  To Be Announced Taylor, A.  2 10
Cls 013532MTH-497-01 Math Senior Thesis  To Be Announced Barbanel, J. WS1 1

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