Course Schedules
Winter Term 2006

Due to legal and privacy considerations, all personal roster information is no longer available.
Cls 012073PHL-120-01 First-Year Seminar  HUMN 012 TTH 10:50AM-12:30PM Martin, R.  14 15
Cls 012075PHL-135-01 Philosophy in FilmY HUMN 112+ M 05:30PM-08:45PM Walker, J.R.  23 25
Cls 012076PHL-155-01 17 & 18 Cent Europe Philosophy  HUMN 112+ MWF 01:45PM-02:50PM Mathias, M.B. EUCS/WAC26 25
Cls 012077PHL-231-01 Symbolic Logic  HUMN 112+ MWF 12:05PM-01:10PM Warenski, L.A.  20 20
Cls 012078PHL-233-01 Philosophy of Biology  HUMN 116 TTH 10:50AM-12:30PM Rives, B.  23 25
Cls 012079PHL-235-01 Reasoning and the Law  HUMN 116 TTH 01:45PM-03:25PM Rives, B.  28 25
Cls 012464PHL-249-01 Self & Cyberspace  HUMN 116 MWF 10:50AM-11:55AM Davis, F. WAC9 25
Cls 012082PHL-250-01 Ethical Theory  HUMN 116 MW 03:00PM-04:40PM Davis, F. EUC/WAC20 20
Cls 012083PHL-266-01 Philosophy of Literature  SCOL 111 MW 03:00PM-04:40PM Warenski, L.A. WAC12 20
Cls 012084PHL-375-01 Biomedical Ethics  HUMN 008+ TTH 01:45PM-03:25PM Baker, R.  16 20
Cls 012249PHL-408-01 New Directions in Phil 1  HUMN 213 W 07:00PM-08:40PM Martin, R.  15 10
Cls 012198PHL-418-01 New Directions in Phil 2  HUMN 213 W 07:00PM-08:40PM Martin, R. WAC/WS15 10
Cls 012355PHL-499-01 Philosophy Honors Thesis 2  To Be Announced Baker, R. WS1 10
Cls 012441PHL-499-02 Philosophy Honors Thesis 2  To Be Announced Warenski, L.A. WS2 10
Cls 012657PHL-499-03 Philosophy Honors Thesis 2  To Be Announced Davis, F. WS0 10

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