Course Schedules
Fall Term 2008

Cls 019711GEO-100-01 Intro to Phys Geology w/lab  OLIN 307+ MWF 10:30AM-11:35AM Hollocher, K. SCLB21 22
Lab 019712GEO-100L-01 Intro to Physical Geology Lab  OLIN 307+ M 01:50PM-04:40PM Hollocher, K.  11 11
Lab 019716GEO-100L-02 Intro to Physical Geology Lab  OLIN 307+ T 01:55PM-04:45PM Hollocher, K.  10 11
Cls 019717GEO-107-01 Natural Disasters W/LabY OLIN 307+ MWF 09:15AM-10:20AM Frey, H. SCLB21 22
Lab 019718GEO-107L-01 Natural Disasters Lab  OLIN 307+ W 01:50PM-04:40PM Frey, H.  9 11
Lab 019902GEO-107L-02 Natural Disasters Lab  OLIN 305 TH 01:55PM-04:45PM Frey, H.  12 11
Cls 019719GEO-108-01 Earth Resources W/LabY OLIN 306+ MWF 09:15AM-10:20AM Shaw, G. SCLB11 22
Lab 019720GEO-108L-01 Earth Resources Lab  OLIN 332+ M 01:50PM-04:40PM Shaw, G.  11 22
Cls 019721GEO-201-01 Strat Dep Environ of NY w/Lab  OLIN 332+ MWF 11:45AM-12:50PM Garver, J. I. WAC11 7
Lab 019722GEO-201L-01 Strat Dep Env of East NY Lab  OLIN 332+ W 01:00PM-04:45PM Garver, J. I.  11 11
Cls 019723GEO-202-01 Origin & Evolution of Landscap  OLIN 332+ TTH 10:55AM-12:40PM Rodbell, D. WAC8 11
Lab 019725GEO-202L-01 Origin & Evolution of Land Lab  OLIN 332+ T 01:00PM-04:45PM Rodbell, D.  8 11
Cls 021581GEO-350T-01 Geo Australia & New Zealand  TBA TBA - Staff  15 25
Cls 020915GEO-490-02 Geology Independent Study 1  To Be Announced Shaw, G.  1 10
Cls 019219GEO-490A-20 Independent Study  To Be Announced Staff  0 25
Cls 020138GEO-495-01 Geology Research 1  To Be Announced Garver, J. I. WS0 5
Cls 020139GEO-495-02 Geology Research 1  To Be Announced Hollocher, K. WS1 5
Cls 020140GEO-495-03 Geology Research 1  To Be Announced Rodbell, D. WS0 5

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