Course Schedules
Winter Term 2009
American Studies

Cls 020486AAH-260-01 Art of the United States  VART 215+ TTH 01:55PM-03:40PM Cox, L. AMCS19 20
Cls 020572ECO-234-01 Japanese-Amer Fin & Trade  HUMN 014+ MWF 01:50PM-02:55PM
HUMN 014+ TH 03:50PM-04:40PM
Lewis, B.G. CDEA/LCC35 35
Cls 020581EGL-100-01 Intro to Study of Lit: PoetryY HUMN 116 TTH 09:00AM-10:45AM McCord, J. AML/EUL/WAC23 23
Cls 020582EGL-100-02 Intro to Study of Lit: Poetry  HUMN 116 MWF 08:00AM-09:05AM Heinegg, P. AML/EUL/WAC18 23
Cls 020583EGL-100-03 Intro to Study of Lit: Poetry  HUMN 112+ TTH 01:55PM-03:40PM Jenkins, H. AML/EUL/WAC23 23
Cls 020584EGL-101-01 Intro to Study of Lit: Fiction  HUMN 112+ MWF 08:00AM-09:05AM Pease, A. AML/EUL/WAC24 23
Cls 020585EGL-101-02 Intro to Study of Lit: Fiction  NWSE 114+ TTH 10:55AM-12:40PM Lynes, K. AML/EUL/WAC23 23
Cls 020586EGL-101-03 Intro to Study of Lit: FictionY HUMN 014+ TTH 01:55PM-03:40PM Bracken, C. AML/EUL/WAC23 23
Cls 020587EGL-101-04 Intro to Study of Lit: FictionY HUMN 016+ MWF 11:45AM-12:50PM Sargent, J. AML/EUL/WAC23 23
Cls 020588EGL-101-05 Intro to Study of Lit: Fiction  HUMN 008+ MWF 01:50PM-02:55PM Murphy, J. AML/EUL/WAC23 23
Cls 020974EGL-101-06 Intro to Study of Lit: FictionY HUMN 115 MWF 08:00AM-09:05AM Jain, A. AML/EUL/WAC22 23
Cls 020975EGL-101-07 Intro to Study of Lit: Fiction  HUMN 115 MWF 10:30AM-11:35AM Jain, A. AML/EUL/WAC23 23
Cls 020976EGL-101-08 Intro to Study of Lit: FictionY SSCI 104 MWF 01:50PM-02:55PM Jain, A. AML/EUL/WAC17 23
Cls 020594EGL-254-01 Literary Hauntings  HUMN 112+ MWF 01:50PM-02:55PM Tuon, B. WAC26 25
Cls 020595EGL-261-01 American Fiction Since 1960  HUMN 116 MWF 11:45AM-12:50PM Marten, H. AML/WAC25 25
Cls 020596EGL-287-01 Science Fiction  HUMN 112+ MWF 10:30AM-11:35AM Pease, A. AML/WAC25 25
Cls 020746HST-102-01 History of US Since Civil War  SSCI 012+ MWF 11:45AM-12:50PM Morris, A.J. AMHT35 35
Cls 020748HST-123-01 America in the Cold War  SSCI 016+ MWF 08:00AM-09:05AM Morris, A.J.  34 30
Cls 020749HST-125-01 America in the Sixties  BAIL 201+ MW 03:05PM-04:45PM Feffer, A.  36 35
Cls 020750HST-128-01 American Jewish Experience  SSCI 104 MWF 10:30AM-11:35AM Berk, S.  43 35
Cls 020751HST-131-01 African-American History 1  SSCI 016+ MWF 01:50PM-02:55PM Aslakson, K. AMC/CDAA/LCC35 35
Cls 020757HST-312-01 History of Women's RightsY OLIN 211 TTH 09:00AM-10:45AM Foroughi, A.R. WAC11 19
Cls 020942HST-412-01 Sem:Origins OfTheConstitutionY SSCI 110 MW 03:05PM-04:45PM Wells, R. WAC18 15
Cls 020637PSC-111-01 Introduction to U.S. Politics  BAIL 201+ MWF 01:50PM-02:55PM Weiner, T. SOCS39 40
Cls 020651PSC-285-01 Electoral Reform  BAIL 100 MW 03:05PM-04:45PM Brown, C.  25 25
Cls 020649PSC-333-01 20th Century Amer Pol Thought  COLC 301 MWF 08:00AM-09:05AM Marso, L.J. AMC20 25
Cls 020656PSC-362-01 CIA & the Art of Intelligence  HUMN 019+ TTH 10:55AM-12:40PM Lobe, T.  31 25
Cls 020657PSC-366-01 Presidential Politics  SSCI 104 TTH 01:55PM-03:40PM
SSCI 016+ T 06:30PM-09:00PM
Brown, C.  21 25
Cls 020621SOC-230-01 African-Amer in Cont Society  HUMN 112+ MWF 11:45AM-12:50PM Hill-Butler, D. CDAA/LCC/WAC31 25

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