Course Schedules
Spring Term 2009-2010
Religious Studies

Cls 024822AAH-201-01 Islamic Art and Architecture  VART 215+ TTH 10:55AM-12:40PM Matthew, L. LCC13 20
Cls 024554CLS-232-01 Religion in the Pagan World  HUMN 014+ TTH 09:00AM-10:45AM Gentile, K. LCC17 45
Cls 024795HST-158-01 The Holocaust  COLC AUD MWF 10:30AM-11:35AM Berk, S.  199 200
Cls 024800HST-241-01 Mystics, Magic & Witchcraft  SSCI 104 TTH 01:55PM-03:40PM Sargent, S. WAC25 25
Cls 024895PHL-166-01 Indian Philosophy  SSCI 104 TTH 10:55AM-12:40PM Patrik, L. LCC19 25
Cls 024896PHL-180-01 Theories of the Good Life  HUMN 008+ TTH 01:55PM-03:40PM Patrik, L. LCC25 25
Cls 024638PSC-262-01 The American Experiment  SSCI 014+ MWF 10:30AM-11:35AM Scherer, M.  22 25
Cls 025364REL-295H-20 Religious Stud Honors Ind Stud  To Be Announced Staff  0 50
Cls 025790REL-296H-01 Rel Studies Honors Ind Study 2  To Be Announced Bedford, P.  1 25
Cls 025365REL-296H-20 Rel Stud Honors Ind Study 2  To Be Announced Staff  0 25
Cls 025181REL-323-01 Religion Conflict Management  OLIN 211+ MW 03:05PM-04:45PM Jewett, R.  5 15
Cls 024827REL-345-01 Classical IslamY OLIN 211+ TTH 01:55PM-03:40PM Bedford, P.  7 15
Cls 025746REL-490-01 Religious Indep. Study  To Be Announced Bedford, P.  1 10
Cls 025366REL-490A-20 Independent Study  To Be Announced Staff  0 25
Cls 025952REL-491-01 Religious Studies Ind Study  To Be Announced Bedford, P.  1 5
Cls 025367REL-498-20 Religious Studies Sr. Thesis 1  To Be Announced Staff  0 25
Cls 025368REL-499-20 Religious Studies Sr Thesis 2  To Be Announced Staff  0 25

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