Course Schedules
Spring Term 2011-12
Science, Medicine & Technology

Cls 031605ANT-240-01 Technology, Culture & Society  LIPM 016+ MWF 01:50PM-02:55PM Jarrin, A. LCC26 30
Cls 031726AST-050-01 The Solar System w/LabY NWSE 114+ MWF 10:30AM-11:35AM Koopmann, R. SCLB34 30
Lab 031727AST-050L-01 The Solar System Lab  NWSE 300 M 01:50PM-04:40PM Koopmann, R.  11 10
Lab 031728AST-050L-02 The Solar System Lab  NWSE 300 W 01:50PM-04:40PM Wilkin, F.P.  10 10
Lab 031729AST-050L-03 The Solar System Lab  NWSE 300 TH 01:55PM-04:45PM Koopmann, R.  11 10
Cls 031675BIO-050-01 Contemporary Biology w/LabY BAIL 312+ MWF 08:00AM-09:05AM Willing, R. SCLB24 22
Lab 031676BIO-050L-01 Contemporary Biology Lab  SWSE 301 TH 01:55PM-04:45PM Willing, R.  24 22
Cls 031300ECO-228-01 Environmntl/Natrl Resrcs Eco  HUMN 117+ MWF 11:45AM-12:50PM Kenney, J.  38 35
Cls 031311ECO-375-01 Efficient Mgmt of Technology  OLIN 106+ MW 03:05PM-04:45PM Yaisawarng, S. WAC6 15
Cls 031544ENS-100-01 Intro to Environ Studies W/LabY OLIN 307+ MWF 09:15AM-10:20AM Jewell, T. SCLB23 22
Lab 031545ENS-100L-01 Intro to Environ Studies Lab  OLIN 306+ M 01:50PM-04:40PM Jewell, T.  12 11
Lab 031546ENS-100L-02 Intro to Environ Studies Lab  OLIN 306+ W 01:50PM-04:40PM Jewell, T.  11 11
Cls 031581GEO-101-01 Earth, Life Thru Time W/LabY OLIN 307+ MWF 11:45AM-12:50PM Gillikin, D. SCLB21 22
Lab 031582GEO-101L-01 Earth, Life Thru Time Lab  OLIN 307+ W 01:00PM-04:45PM Gillikin, D.  11 11
Lab 031583GEO-101L-02 Earth, Life Thru Time Lab  OLIN 307+ F 01:00PM-04:45PM Gillikin, D.  10 11
Cls 031584GEO-107-01 Natural Disasters W/LabY OLIN 307+ MWF 10:30AM-11:35AM Garver, J. I. SCLB/WAC21 21
Lab 031585GEO-107L-01 Natural Disasters Lab  OLIN 307+ M 01:50PM-04:40PM Garver, J. I.  10 11
Lab 031586GEO-107L-02 Natural Disasters Lab  OLIN 307+ T 01:55PM-04:45PM Garver, J. I.  11 11
Cls 031579PHL-474-01 Advanced Biomedical Ethics  HUMN 019+ M 05:30PM-09:00PM Baker, R.  24 15
Cls 031705PSC-272-01 Environ, Energy & U.S Politics  LIPM 012+ MWF 03:05PM-04:10PM Nicholas, P.  24 25
Cls 031429SMT-123-01 Ethics, Technology & Society  OLIN 306+ TTH 09:00AM-10:45AM Ghaly, A. SET28 25
Cls 031856SMT-490A-20 SMT Independent Study  To Be Announced Staff  0 10
Cls 031857SMT-498-20 SMT Thesis Part 1  To Be Announced Staff  0 10
Cls 031958SMT-499-20 SMT Thesis Part 2  To Be Announced Staff WS0 25
Cls 031565SOC-372-01 Comparative Health Care SystemY LIPM 012+ TTH 01:55PM-03:40PM Goldner, M.A.  17 30

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