Course Schedules
Spring Term 2012-2013

Cls 034576EGL-100-01 Intro to Study of Lit: Poetry  LIPM 201+ MWF 10:30AM-11:35AM Lynes, K. HUL/WAC18 19
Cls 034577EGL-100-02 Intro to Study of Lit: Poetry  BAIL 104 MWF 10:30AM-11:35AM Stevenson, R. HUL/WAC22 20
Cls 034578EGL-100-03 Intro to Study of Lit: Poetry  NWSE 210+ TTH 09:00AM-10:45AM Wareh, P. HUL/WAC20 20
Cls 034579EGL-100-04 Intro to Study of Lit: Poetry  LIPM 014+ TTH 10:55AM-12:40PM Smith, J. HUL/WAC21 20
Cls 034580EGL-101-01 Intro to Study of Lit: Fiction  HUMN 116 MWF 08:00AM-09:05AM Kuhn, B. HUL/WAC20 20
Cls 034581EGL-101-02 Intro to Study of Lit: Fiction  NWSE 116 MWF 09:15AM-10:20AM Jenkins, H. HUL/WAC21 20
Cls 034582EGL-101-03 Intro to Study of Lit: Fiction  HUMN 116 MWF 10:30AM-11:35AM Lewin, J.M. HUL/WAC19 18
Cls 034583EGL-101-04 Intro to Study of Lit: Fiction  HUMN 116 MWF 11:45AM-12:50PM Lewin, J.M. HUL/WAC20 20
Cls 034584EGL-101-05 Intro to Study of Lit: Fiction  SORM 111+ TTH 09:00AM-10:45AM Burkett, A. HUL/WAC20 20
Cls 034585EGL-101-06 Intro to Study of Lit: Fiction  HUMN 014+ TTH 10:55AM-12:40PM Bracken, C. HUL/WAC19 15
Cls 034586EGL-102-01 Intro Lit Studies: Drama  HUMN 117+ TTH 01:55PM-03:40PM Wareh, P. HUL/WAC16 20
Cls 034589EGL-202-01 Workshop in Non-Fiction ProseY HUMN 213 M 06:00PM-09:30PM Wineapple, B. WAC16 15
Cls 034590EGL-205-01 British Lit: The Renaissance  BAIL 104 MWF 09:15AM-10:20AM Stevenson, R. WAC17 25
Cls 034592EGL-214-01 Enlightenment & Romanticism  HUMN 115 MWF 11:45AM-12:50PM Kuhn, B. WAC11 25
Cls 034593EGL-215-01 Am Lit in Hist Context: 19th C  HUMN 117+ TTH 09:00AM-10:45AM Murphy, J. WAC14 25
Cls 034594EGL-223-01 Shakespeare to 1600  HUMN 116 MWF 01:50PM-02:55PM Stevenson, R.  19 25
Cls 034595EGL-229-01 Amer Realism & Naturalism  HUMN 117+ TTH 10:55AM-12:40PM Murphy, J. HUL/WAC21 25
Cls 034596EGL-235-01 Romanticism & Media Studies  BEUT 104+ TTH 01:55PM-03:40PM Burkett, A. HUL/WAC5 25
Cls 034094EGL-240-01 Black Women Writers  HUMN 117+ MWF 01:50PM-02:55PM Lynes, K. LCC/WAC11 25
Cls 034597EGL-244-01 Asian Amer Lit & Film  HUMN 014+ TTH 01:55PM-03:40PM Tuon, B. LCC/WAC9 25
Cls 034598EGL-249-01 Literature of the Holocaust  HUMN 112+ MWF 10:30AM-11:35AM Heinegg, P. WAC22 25
Cls 034599EGL-252-01 Changing Ireland  HUMN 014+ TTH 09:00AM-10:45AM Bracken, C. LCC/WAC22 25
Cls 034600EGL-261-01 American Fiction Since 1960  HUMN 112+ MW 03:05PM-04:45PM Selley, A.R. AMCS/WAC11 25
Cls 034601EGL-270-01 Modern Poetry  HUMN 213 MW 03:05PM-04:45PM Wineapple, B. WAC8 25
Cls 034602EGL-287-01 Science Fiction  HUMN 008+ MWF 09:15AM-10:20AM Pease, A.  23 25
Cls 035204EGL-295H-20 English Honors Ind Project 1  Staff  0 10
Cls 035051EGL-296-01 English Research Practicum  To Be Announced Bracken, C.  1 10
Cls 036053EGL-296H-01 English Honors Ind Project 2  To Be Announced Selley, A.R.  1 5
Cls 035205EGL-296H-20 English Honors Ind Project 2  To Be Announced Staff  0 50
Cls 034974EGL-298-01 Radical Rhetoric  HUMN 213 MWF 10:30AM-11:35AM Jenkins, H. HUL5 25
Cls 034606EGL-301-01 Jr. Seminar: Fiction WorkshopY BEUT 104+ MWF 11:45AM-12:50PM Selley, A.R. WAC8 15
Cls 034607EGL-304-01 Jr. Sem: American HeartbeatY WLDC 128+ TTH 09:00AM-10:45AM Smith, J. WAC11 15
Cls 035400EGL-403-20 Honors Thesis Seminar 2  To Be Announced Staff WS0 20
Cls 034608EGL-404-01 Sr Sem: Kingston & MorrisonY HUMN 112+ TTH 10:55AM-12:40PM Tuon, B. WAC/S14 15
Cls 035553EGL-490-01 English Independent Study 1  To Be Announced Smith, J.  2 10
Cls 035206EGL-490A-20 Independent Study  To Be Announced Staff  0 25
Cls 035207EGL-497-20 English Senior Thesis 2  To Be Announced Staff WS0 25

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