Course Schedules
Winter Term 2014

Cls 037296ADA-010-01 Ballet 1 Practicum  HENL DANS M 05:00PM-06:15PM Geren, C.  20 24
Cls 037297ADA-011-01 Ballet 2 Practicum  HENL DANS T 05:00PM-06:30PM Rogers, M.  17 20
Cls 037298ADA-022-01 Lyrical Jazz Practicum  HENL DANS TH 06:30PM-08:00PM Rogers, M.  18 20
Cls 037299ADA-035-01 Dance & Fitness Practicum  HENL DANS TTH 12:50PM-01:35PM Moutillet, M.  12 30
Cls 037300ADA-036-01 Pilates for Performers Pract  HENL DANS F 12:50PM-02:05PM Geren, C.  9 24
Cls 037301ADA-037-01 Zumba Dance Practicum  HENL DANS M 12:50PM-01:50PM Cawley, L  27 30
Cls 037302ADA-060-01 Hip Hop I Practicum  HENL DANS W 05:00PM-06:15PM Wasbes, C.  21 24
Cls 037303ADA-061-01 Hip Hop II Practicum  HENL DANS W 06:30PM-07:45PM Wasbes, C.  7 24
Cls 037304ADA-070-01 Choreography-Modern Dance Prac  HENL DANS M 02:00PM-03:00PM Moutillet, M.  8 10
Cls 037305ADA-071-01 Choreography - Jazz Prac  HENL DANS T 06:40PM-08:10PM Rogers, M.  10 10
Cls 037306ADA-072-01 ChoreographyEnsemblePracticum  HENL DANS W 01:30PM-03:00PM
Moutillet, M.
Rogers, M.
 7 12
Cls 037307ADA-073-01 Choreography-Rhythm Practicum  YULM THR TH 05:00PM-06:15PM Rogers, M.  6 12
Cls 037308ADA-074-01 Choreography Ballet Practicum  HENL DANS F 11:00AM-12:30PM Moutillet, M.  5 8
Cls 037111ADA-150-01 Explorations in Dance TheaterY HENL DANS TTH 01:55PM-04:05PM Moutillet, M.  7 8
Cls 037397ADA-295H-20 Dance Honors Ind Project 1  To Be Announced Staff  0 50
Cls 037398ADA-296H-20 Dance Honors Ind Project 2  To Be Announced Staff  0 50
Cls 037309ADA-490-01 Dance Project 1  HENL DANS - Moutillet, M.  3 4
Cls 037399ADA-490A-20 Dance Project  To Be Announced Staff  0 50

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