Handshake for Students

Handshake Orientation

Attend an orientation to learn Handshake, our career management system!

Handshake How-to's and Tips

  • Profile Tips

    How to Create an Effective Handshake Profile:

    Login to Handshake using your single sign-on (union.joinhandshake.com). Once logged into Handshake, select “View Profile” from the top drop down menu

    • Add a professional photo. A headshot in professional dress attire (see Dress for Success handout)
    • Upload your resume. Handshake will fill in various sections of your Handshake profile based off your resume. Have your resume reviewed by career center prior to upload.
    • Add in your work experiences. Emphasis on relevant experience.
    • Demonstrate engagement. Add your clubs, organizations and volunteer experience.
    • Highlight courses. Add relevant course work that demonstrates knowledge on a variety of topics.
    • Projects. Add projects you have completed in research, courses, clubs, internships, jobs, etc.
    • Get to know me. Add in a bio/short summary introducing yourself.
    • Skills. Recruiters/employers may search for students with specific skills- add skills that make you stand out.
    • Social links. Add any professional social links such as your LinkedIn profile page.

    Tip: The more time you spend on establishing your Handshake Profile, the more beneficial it will be to your search.

  • Upload Documents
    • Select “Documents” from the drop down list under your name in top menu bar
    • Select “Add New Document”
      • Once you choose a document from your computer, you will see a preview of the document. Name it, select Document Type, and click “Add Document”
      • You may only upload your Resume, Cover Letter, Transcript and one additional “Other Document” to your profile. -- If you need to upload more than one additional, you must combine the files into 1 pdf file.
  • Notification Preferences

    You will receive notifications from Handshake. To edit your notification settings:

    • Click your name in the top menu bar
    • Select “Settings & Privacy” and click “Notification Preferences”
    • Select how you want to be alerted about job/internship postings, events, interviews, appointments, etc.
  • Privacy Settings
    • Click your name in the top menu bar
    • Select “Settings & Privacy”
    • In the Privacy section you will see a checkbox for “Allow employers to be able to find and view my profile.” Selecting this allows employers that are connected to Union College to view your profile.

    Note: Your profile will not be public to employers that have not been approved by the Union College Becker Career Center.

  • Applying for Positions

    Searching for Internships and Jobs:

    • Select “Jobs” from the top menu or box on left on the homepage.
    • Select Filters under the keyword search bar.
      • Select Job Type (if you are eligible for work study, you will be able to select "work study" under job type; it should be visible under "paid roles only". If you are eligible for work study and do not see the field to select, contact careercenter@union.edu)
      • Under "Employer Preferences", do not select the option for “All Employer Preferences Match” -- you will only see positions in which you meet all qualifications criteria. Students can apply to opportunities if they do not meet all preferences.
    • Select Industry/Industries of interest (Note: Engineering is listed under job function)
    • Select Job Function(s) of interest
    • Labeled by your School – You can select from the list of labels to search timeframes, etc.
      • If you are searching for a position during a specific timeframe/academic term, select the specific label for the timeframe: “Summer,” “Winter Term,” “D.C. Term,” etc.
      • Select "Posted by alum" to see positions with a direct alumni connection
    • Click “See Jobs” on bottom right when finished

    Creating a Search Alert:

    • Select “Save Your Search” – blue button on left side
      • This allows you to save the search criteria set-up for future use and to receive notifications on positions that match your criteria when they are added to the system.

    Internship/Job Postings:

    • Select an internship/job posting
    • Application deadline is at the top
    • FAVORITE job/internship starred at the top allows you to save position(s) you are interested in or intend to apply to. When you log back in to the system, it will be easy to find the position without having to search extensively


    On the right hand side of the posting(s) is a section for Labels --- Labels are created by the Becker Career Center to organize/identify positions and/or provide specific instructions for Union College students.

    It is very important to review the labels for more clarity or instructions related to the position.


    “Summer” - indicates the opportunity is available in summer

    “Posted by alum”

    Applying for Positions:

    • Click Apply for further instructions.
    • You will be prompted to submit required documents through Handshake and/or redirected to external application.

    Students are strongly encouraged to have all application materials reviewed by

    the Career Center prior to applying.