Career Center in Becker Hall

UCAN Orientation Schedule

Union Career Advisory Network (UCAN) Orientation

Interested in connecting with Union alumni to learn more about career fields of interest? This internet database contains over 13,500 alumni who are willing to provide career advice. To utilize this database you must attend a 30 minute orientation where you will learn the protocol for appropriate use, strategies for alumni outreach, and the steps to conducting an effective informational interview.

During the Fall 2022 Term UCAN Orientations will be held in person at the Career Center in Becker Hall (as of 09/14/2022).


Wednesday September 14th- 1:00pm

Thursday September 22nd- 1:00pm

Tuesday September 27th- 4:00pm


Monday October 3rd- 1:00pm

Wednesday October 9th- 1:00pm

Thursday October 27th- 4:00pm


Thursday November 3rd- 4:00pm

Thursday November 15th- 12:00pm


Wednesday December 7th- 1:00pm