The Campaign for Multiple Tomorrows

A unique opportunity for impact

Campaign goal: $300M

Union College stands at a critical juncture. Today’s students will graduate into a world of evolving global challenges, rapid technological change and unimaginable possibilities. To prepare students with the wisdom, empathy and courage to meet multiple tomorrows, we must reimagine an educational experience that will drive their lifelong success and keep the College strong and vital.

For over two centuries, Union has refused to shy away from consequential moments that require courageous and decisive change. Our current strategic plan provides the blueprint for a bold response to such a moment— and Powering Union: The Campaign for Multiple Tomorrows will fuel Union’s latest innovative leap forward. This $300 million fundraising initiative—the most ambitious in the College’s history—will create a seismic shift at Union, enabling us to provide a new generation of students with a more intentional and immersive education. Through a series of strategic investments, the Powering Union campaign will ensure our long-term strength, engage our community of supporters in new ways and fundamentally enhance the Union College experience.

Powering Union represents perhaps the greatest opportunity for impact in our history. The campaign will help us fundamentally reimagine our core curriculum so that every Union student can take full advantage of our unequaled strengths across the liberal arts and engineering. In the face of an evolving higher education landscape and rapidly diversifying student body, we will strike out in a bold new direction while remaining true to the ethos that has inspired and empowered generations of students.

Every investment—from enhancing our residential program to providing support for faculty development—has been chosen with the ultimate goal of transforming the student experience. Our intentionally human scale means we can deliver dramatic improvements to every student, providing them with the competencies, flexibility, creativity and ingenuity they need to succeed in a broad range of cultures, contexts and professional settings.

David Harris

"I often think of Union as a 225-year-old startup—built on a strong foundation, but consistently innovating and evolving to achieve our goal of ensuring that every student benefits from the complete Union experience. Powering Union represents the fuel that will enable us to realize the promise of our strategic plan and propel our school forward as never before."

David Harris,
19th President of Union College

$229M / $300M

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Developing every student to lead with wisdom, empathy and courage in ways large and small, now and across multiple tomorrows.

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