Campus Diversity & Inclusion

BASE Team - Bias Awareness, Support and Education at Union


The Bias Awareness, Support and Education (BASE) Team’s mission is to support the College’s commitment to respecting personal identities of each community member. We suggest avenues for recourse for individuals or groups found responsible for engaging in bias-related incidents. Additionally, BASE makes recommendations for educational interventions to help the larger College community deepen awareness and fluency on the diversity of human experience along with offering recommendations for avenues of support for specific communities that may be impacted by bias-related incidents. Part of our goals is also to provide recommendations for institutional policies and procedures and to inform students, faculty, and staff about opportunities for students, faculty, and staff who may have experienced bias incidents to voice their experience.

Title IX Resources for Community Members

BASE Team Membership

Charles Assini, College Council
Darcy Czajka, Vice President and Chief of Staff
Jennifer Fredricks, Dean of Academic Departments and Programs
Ryan Keytack, Assistant Dean of Students
Francesca Callahan, Director of Talent Acquisition, Human Resources
Ryan Ribeiro, Director of Community Standards
Mark Land, Vice President for Communications and Marketing
Mary Simeoli, Title IX Coordinator and Director of Equal Opportunity