Campus Diversity & Inclusion


As a College, we are committed to providing a welcoming environment for all students, employees and visitors. In addition to the BASE team, we encourage you to connect with other campus resources and seek support if you have any concerns in relation to bias, bias acts and hate crimes. Please connect with us at

  • What happens when a report is filed?

    After an incident has been reported the reporting party can expect follow-up from either the Director of Community Standards or the Director of Equal Opportunity. Depending on the role of the reporting party and the status of the accused party or parties, the procedures for adjudication will be explained and resources and support will be provided.

    Campus Safety is responsible for issuing a Campus Crime Alert when a crime is reported to or brought to the attention of the Campus Safety or other campus security authorities and that crime represents a serious or ongoing threat to the safety of members of the campus community. If there is not an ongoing threat to the safety of members of the campus community, the community is not notified at-large.