Campus Diversity & Inclusion

Presidential Initiative on Race, Power and Privilege

These are difficult times for our country, our communities, our College and ourselves. At each level, our conception of who we are is being challenged by a reality that is increasingly difficult to deny.

As a liberal arts college, we must provide ongoing, purposeful, and diverse opportunities for our students, faculty, staff and alumni to engage on issues of race, privilege and power. We must create brave spaces across campus that engage all of us where we are, and help us grow and be part of positive change.

Therefore, as the 19th President of Union College I am announcing the Presidential Initiative on Race, Power and Privilege.

It is clear that these issues and this time require deep learning and reflection, but also strategy and action. We invite you to join us letting us know what we are already doing well and should expand, and what needs to improve. Please email us at


David Harris
Union College