Campus Safety

ID Photo Submission Guidelines

All Union College campus members are required to have a photo identification card. To help safely facilitate this process during the pandemic, the Card Access Office is accepting digital photos from new students (first-year and transfer). Before submitting your photo, please carefully review the following information.

Photo Parameters

  • Your photo must be at least 20 kilobytes (KB) and less than 1 megabyte (MB), at least 300x300 pixels and sent as a .jpg file.
  • There should be a small space between your head and the top of the image, as well as a definite contrast between you and a light, neutral background.
  • There can be no borders on the photo.

Selecting a Photo

When picking a photo, ask:

  • Does the photo identify me as a person?
  • Is the photo current? (No more than a month old)
  • Am I looking straight at the camera?
  • Is my background a light, neutral color?
  • Is my photo in color?
  • Am I free from red-eye or reflections on my glasses?
  • Did I take off my hat or any garment that obstructs the view of my face? Items of cultural or religious significance that remain on at all times may be worn in the photo.
  • Is it a photo of only me?

Submitting a Photo

  • Photo submissions will be opened for the general incoming student body on August 1st.
  • Please submit your photo through the Google form using your Union College email account.
  • Pictures submitted from accounts outside the Union email system will not be reviewed.
  • Your student ID number is a required part of the submission.

If you need assistance accessing your Union email, contact Information Technology Services at (518) 388-6400 or at The Card Access Office can be reached at (518) 388-7090 and is open Monday through Friday (8 a.m. – 10 p.m.).

Using a Preferred or Chosen Name

Do you want to use a "preferred" or "chosen" name on your ID card? Visit the Registrar's website for instructions on declaring a "chosen" or "preferred" name, or to learn the difference between the two. The form for declaring a "chosen" or "preferred" name is also available on this site.

Please Note

  • The Card Access Office reserves the right to refuse any photo that does not meet these requirements.
  • Photo submissions are manually reviewed and can take up to four (4) business days to be processed.
  • The Card Access Office will confirm receipt of all messages from Union email accounts and will let you know if your photo is accepted or rejected. Please check your Union email regularly. If your photo is not accepted, you may submit a second photo or wait until you arrive on campus. Just stop by the Card Access Office in College Park Hall.