Chemistry Department
Professor Michael Hagerman faculty photograph.

Michael E. Hagerman

Job Title
Professor of Chemistry
ISEC 281
Department/Program: Chemistry, ESPE

Research interests

Inorganic and materials chemistry applied to the synthesis of inorganic and organic nanocomposites.

My general research interests focus on inorganic and materials chemistry applied to the synthesis and extensive characterization of inorganic/organic nanocomposites for applications in heterogeneous catalysis, chemical sensing, conductive assemblies, interconnects, photonics and solar cells. Our research group explores the chemical factors that control the inner architecture of solids and exploits these factors to rationally design and fabricate advanced nanomaterials. Of particular interest are the inclusion of organic nonlinear optical dyes, laser dyes, and polymers within hectorite and Laponite clay thin films and mesoporous hosts such as MCM-41. Laponite nanoparticles provide versatile inorganic scaffolds as robust, transparent films can be coated onto various substrates through facile self-assembly from the aqueous phase. The inner architectures of these advanced materials can be selectively tuned using embedded cationic surfactants to optimize the inclusion, aggregation and organization of semiconductor nanoclusters (tailored CdSe nanoparticles) and/or organic chromophores such as rhodamine 6G leading to advanced nanocomposites with novel photophysical properties. Characterization methods have included: uv/vis, infrared and fluorescence spectroscopies, thermogravimetric analysis, differential scanning calorimetry, scanning electron microscopy, optical microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, powder X-ray diffraction, Nd:YAG laser second harmonic generation studies, electron paramagnetic spectroscopy and solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

Teaching interests

CHM 101 Introductory Chemistry I
CHM 101 Introductory Chemistry I Lab
CHM 102 Introductory Chemistry II
CHM 102 Introductory Chemistry II Lab
CHM 224 Frontiers of Nanotechnology & Nano Materials
CHM 260 Inorganic Chemistry
CHM 260 Inorganic Chemistry Lab
CHM 360 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry: Materials
ESC 324 Advanced Topics in Nanoscience: Microscopy of Self-Assembled Nanostructures

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Academic credentials

B.S., North Central College; M.S., Northwestern University; Ph.D., Northwestern University