Chemistry Department

Chemistry Lecturer Co-Curricular Responsibilities Chemistry Department 2019

  • Lead the development and implementation of new laboratory experiments in core courses.
  • Revise and publish lab manuals for core courses. Distribute laboratory manual, instructor guidelines, and other teaching materials to faculty members teaching core laboratories and provide a list of updates.
  • Prepare instructions for Chemistry Stockroom preparation of equipment and chemicals, as well as waste disposal requirements for each experiment.
  • Submit list of laboratory items (supplies, chemicals, equipment) needed for core chemistry laboratories to the Chemistry Department Lab Technician prior to the start of each term.
  • Introductory Chemistry Placement Exam
    • Update Chemistry Placement Exam and work with the Dean of Studies to administer to incoming students during the summer.
    • Administer Chemistry Placement Exam to students petitioning for Introductory Chemistry courses throughout the academic year.
    • Assess exam results and AP scores to determine appropriate course for students.
    • Correspond with incoming and current students regarding Chemistry Placement Exam.
  • Handle the enrollment process (petitions, waitlists, etc.) for core chemistry courses and laboratory sections.
  • Serve as a standing member of the General Chemistry Curriculum Committee (GC3).
  • Work with the Registrar to ensure enrollments in multi-section core courses and laboratories are equalized.
  • Work with the department chair to identify and interview candidates for required adjunct positions. Mentor the adjunct faculty members who are hired.
  • Interface with the Chemistry Lab Technician regarding laboratory needs.
    • Provide the Chemistry Lab Technician with the lab syllabus for each course and any updated instructions.
  • Update the Chemistry Instrumentation Specialist regarding laboratory instrumentation needs so that instruments can be checked by the IS prior to lab. Provide the IS with the lab syllabus for each course.
  • Work with Chemistry Lab Technician to ensure small instrumentation and computer interfaces are functioning properly and ready to be used for laboratories in core and General Education courses.
  • Communicate with the bookstore regarding the textbooks and laboratory manuals that will be used in core chemistry courses and laboratories.
  • Work with the department chair and the Dean of Students to assess transfer credit for core chemistry courses.
  • Work with faculty to identify students to staff the peer-led Chemistry Help Center.
    • Ensure rooms and students workers are scheduled and serve as primary supervisor for these students.

Core courses and laboratories may include Chem 101, 101L, 110H, 102, 102L, 231, 231L, 232, and 232L.

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