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The General Education curriculum at Union College combines the breadth and strengths of a traditional liberal arts education to enhance teaching and learning through the diverse perspectives of major areas of human understanding. Driven by our longstanding college-wide commitment to lifelong learning with social purpose, the curriculum creates opportunities for students to engage with and develop an understanding of the complexity and global nature of many issues and how different disciplinary perspectives address and elucidate those issues.

Once the phase-in is completed, students will take nine courses, including eight courses that thread themes of two major Areas of Inquiry -- justice, equity, identity, and difference (JEID), alongside various global challenges (GC)-- through diverse liberal arts perspectives. Students will take one course from each of the Perspectives, with at least one course taken in each Area of Inquiry. All Perspectives courses will incorporate one of the Areas of Inquiry.

Graphic showing the new structure of General Education

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Undergraduates admitted in 2022-23 and later will be subject to the General Education Curriculum adopted in November 2021. Students enrolled prior to this will complete the General Education requirements in place at the time of their matriculation.