The Common Curriculum

Natural Science with Lab

Science is not merely a collection of facts, but a process for understanding the world. Through repeated observations and experiments and rigorous testing, we build up models explain how the natural world works at every scale, from the interactions of subatomic particles, to the chemical reactions that make life possible, to the behavior and evolution of living organisms, to the forces that shape the global environment and climate, to the interactions that determine the origin and eventual fate of the universe itself.

At Union, you will learn not only what science tells us about the natural world, but the process that scientists use to establish scientific knowledge. As the best way to learn science is by doing science, you will engage directly with the world, through experiments in the laboratory and in the field, using everything from simple measuring tools to world-class research instruments.

The facts and methods you learn in your science courses will enable you to better understand the scientific issues that are central to modern technological civilization and to the grand challenges facing our society.