Communications & Marketing

Official Union Logos

PRIMARY LOGO (Two Variations)

There are two variations of the primary logo. One version has the year the college was founded and one does not.

  • One of the two primary marks below should be used on every communication from Union College.
  • The Union College 1795 logo is intended to be used as the primary mark to identify the College and should be used in most instances.
  • When the 1795 version can not be used effectively because of size limitations and/or reproduction issues (such as on apparel or specialty items) the version without the 1795 can be used.


Primary Logo with 1795

Union College Established 1795 Logo

Primary Logo without 1795

Union College Logo in Garnet

How to use the Logos

  • Logo Color

    Takes steps to ensure that the logo is used correctly by following the information provided below.

    The logo should only be reproduced in:

    • Black, Garnet (PMS 202) or White when on a dark background.
    • It is not acceptable to reproduce the logo in any other colors.
  • Minimum Size

    The minimum size for using the Union College Logo is .75” wide or 72 pixels wide on screen.

    minimum logo size
  • Minimum Spacing

    Leave clear space around the Union College Logo equivalent to a square that is as tall as the wordmark itself.

    minimum logo spacing
  • Do not alter the logos

    The official logos may not be altered in any way.

    logo use violations