Nickname finalists

Nickname Finalists

Please carefully read the summaries and view the short videos we have prepared for each option.

Garnet Chargers

- Chargers denote power, electricity, energy and speed, a feeling of being recharged and renewable – much like our community of high-energy learners, teachers and scholars
- Denotes consistent forward movement, just as Union is committed to preparing its students for whatever comes next in life
- Provides a strong tie to Schenectady’s storied history of innovation and invention, especially around electricity, dating back to Thomas Edison

Potential mascot tie-in:
- Using Chargers provides the opportunity to choose a mascot that resonates with our community
- Example: A live dog mascot with an electricity-themed name in addition to a traditional mascot uniform

What our community said:
- "Chargers is tied to our local identity without being gendered or tied to an (ethnic) group." – Union alum
- "The name creates a 'buzz.' Plus, the lightning bolts can make for neat logos for team uniforms and gear." – Union student
- "Schenectady is the ‘Electric City.’ Honor the city by naming our teams after electricity." – Friend of Union College

Garnet Griffins

- A mythical creature that represents the melding of a lion and an eagle into a single animal of even greater power – much as Union combines the liberal arts and engineering to create stronger graduates
- Union was founded as a merging of multiple groups and the Griffin represents our union of diverse perspectives and backgrounds
- The Griffin also is a protector of prized possessions, just was we are dedicated protecting and supporting our students

Potential mascot tie-in:
- A stylized, garnet-colored costumed griffin and griffin logo

What our community said:
- "The lion has traditionally been an important symbol to the Dutch. This nickname would still honor the Dutchmen in a more acceptable way." – Union alum
- "The griffin brings together two powerful animals, much like Union brings together the power of engineering and the liberal arts." - Union staff member

Garnet Hawks

- Hawks are native to upstate New York
- They are a common sight in the skies and trees above Union’s campus
- Hawks are known to be intelligent and fierce
- Hawks pack a strength beyond their size, and are agile and fast-acting

Potential mascot tie-in:
- A stylized, garnet-colored costumed hawk

What our community said:
- "Union has a strong athletic history and has achieved great heights.” – Union alum
- "The hawk is a local wildlife species that highlights the College's connections to the Adirondacks and to environmental sustainability."" – Union faculty member
- "There are so many hawks around campus that seeing our mascot in wildlife would bring a sense of pride." – Union student
- "The hawk and specifically the red-tailed hawk, is a fast, forward-looking, majestic animal." – friend of Union College

Garnet Storms

- A storm is a powerful force in which several natural elements come together to form an awe-inspiring spectacle
- Similarly, the Union College is known for bringing together engineering and the liberal arts to provide a distinct and powerful education for its students
- Symbolizes the strength and fighting spirit of the Union College community
- Represents resiliency
- Provides a vivid and action-oriented term to rally around

Potential mascot tie-in:
- Using Storm provides the opportunity to choose a mascot that resonates with our community
- Example: we could have a live dog with a storm-themed name in addition to a traditional mascot uniform

What our community said:
- "The Garnet Storm would be a great choice as storms are powerful, are written about in famous literature and have a presence in science and technology. Snowstorms also have provided some of my most favorite memories at Union." – Union student
- "Storms are vivid reminders of the forces of nature and send a powerful message about the strength of the Union community."" – Union staff member
- "Storms are exciting and inspire awe, just like our Union community." - Union alum