Community Standards

Points Procedures

Cumulative Points

Most violations of policy will result in some assessment of points. If a student is found responsible for a violation after a previous violation, the point totals assessed in the second violation may be added to the first point total (see Point Forgiveness and Community Service Reduction).

Example: A student was found responsible for using a binge drinking device and received two (2) points as a result. This same student, at a later time, is found responsible for being in possession of false identification and receives two (2) points as a result. If the student has not completed Point Forgiveness and/or Community Service Reduction of points as of the time the second set of points are assessed, both point totals are added together. Now this student has four (4) points as well as the sanctions that come with that point total.


Most violations come with a range of points. This is intended to measure the severity of a violation and/or used in instances where a student has violated a policy repeatedly. First violations will likely carry the lower number in the range, and as violations are repeated, that point total may increase.


Possession and/or consumption of wine or beer while under 21 1-2 points

A first-time violation would carry one (1) point and the sanctions that come with that point and/or additional sanctions as per our cumulative point policy. A second time violation would carry two (2) points and the sanctions that would come with those points.

Because not all violations of this Policy are similar, the Administrator of Points may levy the higher point total as a result. Reasons for doing this could be the severity of the violation (how much beer/wine was consumed or in possession), repeat violations (as cited above), or a mutual agreement between the Administrator of Points and student.

Point Forgiveness

Active students will receive a one (1) point reduction for each enrolled term with no policy violation.

Example: If at any time a student receives points during any week of fall term, that student MUST be enrolled and remain point-free for the entirety of the winter term in order to qualify for a one (1) point reduction.

Community Service Reduction

The Administrator of Points may offer a student Community Service Reduction of points on their violation. Ten (10) hours of service OUTSIDE the Union College community, with appropriate documentation and a reflection paper, will remove one (1) point from their total. This can only happen once per term.

This option is not automatically applied and can be denied at the discretion of the Administrator of Points. The Administrator of Points may have additional requirements before they would grant the opportunity for community service.

Example: A student was found responsible for a Policy violation that carried four (4) points in the fall term. This student consulted the Administrator of Points and was granted an opportunity to work ten (10) hours of community service at a local non-profit in the winter term. After completing a paper reflecting on their service and documentation from the service that verified the completion of the student’s work, the Administrator of Points will remove a point from the cumulative total.