Students and families


  • How can students who left belongings in their dorm rooms retrieve them?

    All students have been contacted by Residential Life with instructions on how to retrieve belongings. If you have you are a student with belongings left on campus and did not receive information, please contact Residential Life at or call (518) 388-6117.

  • What happens to students who were allowed to stay on campus for spring term?

    Students must be approved by Residence Life Staff. All students will be staying in CPH and will be receiving information directly from the Residence Life staff.

  • Will Union College refund any of the room and board fees?

    Room and board charges will be removed from spring term bills. Financial aid recipients will also see an adjustment of their financial aid based upon the reduction in fees. Students can view their updated bills the week of March 23. If you have already paid your spring term bill in full Union will send you a refund. You can find out more information about spring term billing here.

  • Why was my financial aid award changed for spring term?

    With the move to online instruction the original charges for room and board for the spring term have been removed from your student account. Due to the reduction in spring term charges, eligibility for need-based financial aid is impacted. Union College is one of a small number, less than five percent, of colleges and universities in the country that commits to meeting 100 percent of demonstrated financial need. We use a combination of federal and institutional guidelines to calculate how much a family should be expected to contribute towards a Union education, and then we use loan, work study, and grant aid to cover any gap between the cost of attendance and expected family contribution.

    Your original financial aid offer was based on being charged the full comprehensive fee (tuition, fees, room and board). Now that the 2019-20 comprehensive fee has been reduced to reflect changes for spring term, the gap between expected family contribution and cost of attendance has also been reduced. Students with need-based financial aid will see their grant aid adjusted accordingly.

    Your revised financial aid award can be viewed on your Self Service portal accessed through WebAdvising. We continue to do our best within our resources to help all Union students during this time of challenges and uncertainty.

    We realize such conversations are hard to have over email and are happy to discuss further over the phone. (518) 388-6123

    You can find more information about spring term billing here.

    To view a video with additional information from President Harris and Vice President Malatesta, please click here.

  • My financial aid includes work study. How will that be affected?

    Since you have been participating in this employment program, the College has decided to replace your spring term work-study in the form of a grant which will be credited directly to your student account.

    You can find more information about spring term billing here.

    To view a video with additional information from President Harris and Vice President Malatesta, please click here.

  • Will Union refund any portion of spring term tuition?

    Union College believes strongly in the value of a residential liberal arts education. We understand that having to deliver classes remotely can never fully replace the full experience that students have when they are on campus and interacting with their peers, faculty and staff.

    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and its impact on our country and our community, we made the extremely difficult decision to move the full spring term online. We have not become an online college; rather, we are a residential college with all of the infrastructure, expenses, resources, and prestige that implies. We will be offering instruction, career counseling, student activities, and as many of our usual services and experiences as possible, albeit remotely.

    Given that students will not be on campus, we have decided to remove room and board charges from spring term bills for all but the small number of students who must remain in Union residence halls. Although this means reducing revenue even where some expenses will remain fixed, such as costs associated with maintaining facilities, we believe strongly that this change is the right thing to do. Students will be living off campus and will not be eating in our dining halls. They should not pay for these basic needs twice.

    Tuition and student activities fees are different. Our faculty and staff are committed to ensuring that students receive an outstanding academic experience that still allows them to gain the knowledge and experience they need to move forward and thrive in their studies, careers, and lives.

    There are a number of factors that enhance our remote delivery of classes and ensure the highest quality of academic experience:

    • All classes are being taught by the same faculty who would be teaching classes on campus. Union is not hiring adjuncts to teach online classes, as do many online programs.
    • Class sizes remain small. Many schools who offer online classes regularly, and do so at a discounted cost, dramatically increase class sizes for online education. Union classes will remain small and allow for the kind of personal, individual attention that is the hallmark of a liberal arts college.
    • Students will still have access to faculty. While office hours will be “virtual” and conversations will be conducted remotely, our faculty are committed to supporting their students through this new challenge.
    • Your degree will still be a Union degree. This one term of remote education (1/12th of your overall time at Union) will in no way diminish the value of your Union degree nor the overall educational experience you have at Union.
    • Our student affairs team is developing innovative ways to connect students and enhance their academic experience throughout the term.

    No one could fully anticipate the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in now. And there will be more changes to come. However, in Union’s 225-year history we have adapted to meet many previous challenges. There is no doubt that we will do the same through these troubling times, and that we will thrive.

    To view a video with additional information from President Harris and Vice President Malatesta, please click here.

  • How will spring-term athletics be impacted?

    Union has cancelled all spring term athletic events. Please see the full statement for more information.

  • Has Union decided about study-away programs for summer and fall terms?

    Union has cancelled planned summer international study away programs.

    The summer Adirondack program and fall international study away programs have not been cancelled at this time. Union will continue to evaluate the situation and act according to guidance and what is in the best interest of the safety and welfare of our students, faculty and staff.

  • I am a graduating senior. Will this impact my ability to graduate?

    Union is committed to facilitating the continued progress of our students toward their degrees.

  • I take classes at another institution that hasn’t moved online. What should I do?

    Most institutions are now pursuing online instruction, including all SUNY schools, RPI, and Siena College. We are in touch with our colleagues at Clarkson University, and do not believe that students cross-registered there will be inconvenienced. Please speak with your class dean if you have questions or concerns about your course.

  • Can we have visitors on campus if we are staying during spring term?

    To help preserve and protect the health of our community, we are asking all students to be conscientious and limit external guests. You may have external guests, provided they are not ill or symptomatic. You must meet your guests in the lobby of CPH and sign them in and out at the Campus Safety desk. Please be mindful of social distancing guidelines, and do not have guests that would prohibit you from maintaining 6 foot distances in the space where they are visiting. Campus Safety will have the right to refuse any guests they deem a danger to the community. They may also limit guests based on changing federal and state guidance, capacity, and the number of guests already signed in.

  • If I live off campus, will Union help me with my lease terms if needed?

    Unfortunately, we are not able to assist with any off campus housing leasing situations.

  • I think I may have symptoms. What do I do?
    • On-campus tudents should contact Health Services at (518) 388-6120. Students living at home should contact their physician or local healthcare provider. If you have symptoms of the coronavirus (fever, cough, difficulty breathing) please call before going to Health Services or a doctor.
    • Employees –If you have symptoms please contact your primary care physician.