Eppler-Wolff Counseling Center

Counseling Services

General counseling services

Counseling services provided by our clinicians include: individual & group counseling, communication and relationship skill development, drug/alcohol and health education, relaxation training for anxiety, and training/consultation for students, staff, and faculty on how to recognize and respond to students who may be at serious risk.

Services not provided

Due to resources and scope of practice issues, the following are services not provided by the counseling center.

Psychiatric medication management

We collaborate with Health Services in order to provide medication management.  A Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner is available on Monday and Thursday afternoons to write prescriptions.

All students who are requesting to have Health Services participate in writing or re-writing prescriptions for psychiatric medications are required to have a current letter of testimony from their prescribing physician.

It is not unusual for a student to come to the Wicker Wellness Center already being treated for ADHD. Since many of the medications being used to treat ADHD require close monitoring, as well as monthly renewals, this document must be completed and returned to the Wicker Wellness Center before we can assume prescribing responsibility. The standard of practice that we follow is to work collaboratively with the prescribing provider in order to bridge the prescribing responsibilities for students while they are at school.

**A No-Show fee of $40 for an intake visit or $20 for a follow-up visit will be billed to students' tuition for any appointment not canceled at least 24 hours in advance (due to high demand of services).**

Relaxation room

Do you need a breather from the fast pace of everyday life? Perhaps you need a quiet spot for meditation, reflection, or just to relax.  If so, call (518) 388-6161 to reserve our relaxation room.

Workshops and outreach presentation

Our counseling staff offers a variety of workshops and outreach presentations (scheduled upon request and tailored to meet your needs). Some examples of outreach topics include: diversity, eating disorders/body image, weight management, relationships, sexuality, LGBTQ-related issues, sexual assault/sexual assault prevention, stress management, substance abuse, depression, suicide awareness, self-esteem building, assertiveness, study skills, overcoming procrastination, and career issues. To request a workshop or outreach presentation (or to suggest an outreach topic) please call (518) 388-6161.