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Leadership Pre-Orientation (Optional)

Why the Leadership Experience Pre-Orientation program?

Have you thought about what you’ll do when you get to campus? The time you spend outside of the classroom can be just as important and impactful as the time you spend in class. Many first-year students come to Union ready to get involved – but they just don’t know how to find their right fit.

This pre-orientation program is packed with fun activities and events that are designed to help new students get connected and involved on campus, learn important leadership skills, and get to know their peers.

Were you very involved in high school? Looking to get more involved than you were in high school? It doesn’t matter what your level of leadership experience was before coming to Union – this pre-orientation program will help you discover your interests and help you find your fit! Hit the ground running with the Leadership Experience Pre-Orientation program!

Personal and Team Leadership

Throughout the three days, we will explore what it means for you to be a leader. Leadership can come in many different forms and is not tied specifically to a position or title. You will participate in activities such as Leadership Mapping and small group activities to further understand what it means for you to be a leader on campus and in life.

You will also participate in various team building activities throughout the course of the program, including small and large group activities, team building on a ropes course, and more!

Leadership Through Service

Students will have the opportunity to participate in a service-learning project, giving back to the Schenectady community and will have a discussion on how service is important and why it matters in the world of leadership within the Union community, the Capital Region, and beyond.

Leadership, Diversity, & Inclusion

Students will spend time learning about multiculturalism and inclusion, how that fits into successful leadership, and how you can integrate it into your own personal leadership on campus and beyond.



Cancellations are accepted until August 13.

All charges are non-refundable after August 13.

The charge ($400) is automatically billed to your account.

Students whose financial situation may limit their participation in these programs may contact the Limited funding is available to cover the program fees through Union's Making U Possible initiative.