Department of Economics
Professor Jeeten Giri

Jeeten Giri

Job Title
Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics
Lippman Hall 103

Research interests

His research interest lies broadly in the field of International Trade, International Finance and Development Economics. Presently, his work is focused more on the welfare effects of intra-national (domestic) trade. Additionally, he is also interested in applied micro-econometric topics on poverty, inequality, education, gender, and employment. Apart from research, Jeeten has a keen interest in teaching and adopting new teaching methods to facilitate student engagement during class lectures and discussions. He believes in “learning from experiencing” and so tries to relate every economic topic with daily life experiences or events.

Additional media


He previously served as a research assistant at Centre for Studies in Social Sciences Calcutta, one of the leading social science research institutes in India. He also served as a field investigator in a survey conducted by the Centre of Development Economics of Delhi School of Economics, under the European Union’s Global NOPOOR programme. He has been awarded the “Best Graduate Student Teacher Award” by the Economics Department of Southern Illinois University Carbondale for his teaching excellence.

Academic credentials

B.S., University of Calcutta; M.S., University of Calcutta; M.A., Southern Illinois University Carbondale; Ph.D., Southern Illinois University Carbondale