Job Title
Thomas Armstrong Professor of Economics
Suthathip Yaisawarng
Office Location
Lippman Hall
Ph.D., Southern Illinois University
M.B.A., Howard University
B.B.A., Thammasat University, Thailand

Research interests

Efficiency and productivity measurement, microeconomics, econometrics and mathematical programming techniques

Selected publications

Yaisawarng, S. and J. Burgess, Jr. “Performance-Based Budgeting in the Public Sector:  An Illustration from the VA Health Care System,”  Health Economics, 2006, 15: 295:310.

Hughes, A. and S. Yaisawarng “Sensitivity and Dimensionality Tests of DEA Efficiency Scores,” European Journal of Operational Research, 154, 2004, pp. 410-422.

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Yaisawarng, S. “Performance Measurement and Resource Allocation,” in K.J. Fox, ed., Efficiency in the Public Sector (Boston/Dordrecht/London: Kluwer Academic Publishers), 2002, pp. 61-81.

Fried, H.O., S.S. Schmidt and S. Yaisawarng “Incorporating the Operating Environment into a Nonparametric Measure of Technical Efficiency,” Journal of Productivity Analysis, 12(3), November 1999, pp. 249-267.

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Fried, H.O., S.S. Schmidt and S. Yaisawarng, “Productive, Scale and Scope Efficiencies in U.S. Hospital-Based Nursing Homes,” INFOR Special Issue on Evaluating Performance in Public and Service Sector Organizations, 36(3), August 1998, pp. 103-119.

Carrington, R., N. Puthucheary, D. Rose and S. Yaisawarng “Performance Measurement in Government Service Provision: The Case of Police Services in New South Wales,” Journal of Productivity Analysis, 8(4), November 1997, pp. 415-430.

Färe, R., S. Grosskopf and S. Yaisawarng “Intertemporal Budgeting and Efficiency,” in R. Färe and S. Grosskopf, Intertemporal Production Frontiers:  With Dynamic DEA (Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers), 1996, pp. 134-149.

Yaisawarng, S. and J.D. Klein “The Effects of Sulfur Dioxide Controls on Productivity Change in the U.S. Electric Power Industry,” Review of Economics and Statistics, 76(3), August 1994, pp. 447-460.

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McCarty, T.A. and S. Yaisawarng “Technical Efficiency in New Jersey School Districts,” in H. Fried, C.A.K. Lovell and S.S. Schmidt, eds., The Measurement of Productive Efficiency:  Techniques and Applications (Oxford: Oxford University Press), 1993, pp. 271-287.

Grosskopf, S., K. Hayes and S. Yaisawarng “Measuring Economies of Diversification: A Frontier Approach,” Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 10(4), October 1992, pp. 453-459.

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Grosskopf, S. and S. Yaisawarng “Economies of Scope in the Provision of Local Public Service,” National Tax Journal, 43(1), March 1990, pp. 61-74.

Book Review

Yaisawarng, S. Review of “An Introduction to Efficiency and Productivity Analysis, ” by T.J. Coelli, et al. European Journal of Operational Research, 180(3), August 2007, pp. 1433-1435.  Also available on line October 2006.

Professional activities

  • Research Economist, Management Science Group, Department of Veterans Affairs, Bedford, Massachusetts, 2002-2004
  • Guest Co-Editor, Special Double Issue on: Greatest Hits from NAPW I at Union College, Journal of Productivity Analysis, 19(2/3), 2003
  • Co-Organizer, The North American Productivity Workshop, Union College, June 15-17, 2000 and June 20-22, 2002
  • Senior Economist/Performance Measurement Specialist, New South Wales Treasury, Australia, July 1997 – June 1998
  • Visiting Fellow, New South Wales Treasury, Australia, May – August, 1995
  • Visiting Fellow, School of Economics, University of New South Wales, Australia, May – August, 1995
  • Visiting Fellow, Department of Economics, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, February – April, 1995

Recent college service

  • Director, Thailand Mini term 2006 – Present
  • Co-Director, India Mini Term 2004 and 2005
  • Coordinator, Economics Senior Thesis Writing Workshops, 2003-Present
  • Chair, Department of Economics, 1998-2001
  • Director, Economics Honors Program, 1999-2001
  • Founder, The Economics Crisis Center, 2000