Job Title
Florence B. Sherwood Professor of Life Sciences
Robert Olberg
Office Location
Ph.D., University of Washington
B.A., Rice University

Research interests

The sensory control of behavior in insects


 Neurobiology (BIO 242) and Experimental Neurobiology (BIO 362)

Representative Publications:

  • Olberg, R. M., Seaman, R. C., Coats M. I., and Henry, A. F. (2007).  Eye movements and target fixation during dragonfly prey-interception flights. J. Comp. Physiol. 193:685-693.
  • Olberg, R. M., Worthington A. H., Fox J. L., Bessette, C. E. and Loosemore, M. P. (2005). Prey size selection and distance estimation in foraging adult dragonflies. J Comp Physiol. 191:791-797.
  • Adelman, T. L., Bialek, W. and Olberg, R. M. (2003). The information content of receptive fields. (Neuron 40:823-833).