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Amazon Purchasing

Purchasing from Amazon at Union

Procurement maintains an Amazon Business Account which allows for the central management of Amazon purchasing on campus. These College managed accounts should not be used to make personal Amazon purchases. These accounts are set up and created to facilitate your department’s supply needs. If you require an account setup, please contact the Purchasing Department at

Effective Spring 2023, Procurement has changed the settings in Amazon to promote typically disadvantaged business such as women/minority owned, veteran owned, disability-owned and local, small businesses. We encourage our community to support those businesses where possible through the purchasing power of Union spend.

Note: 3rd party companies/sellers offer items through Amazon. While Amazon offers a safe environment for payment to these 3rd parties, the products in some cases may not be as reliable as those purchased directly from Amazon. In addition, vendor return or replacement policies may not be convenient and cost additional money. Please check your purchase prior to checkout and make sure you understand the conditions for return.

Amazon should not be used to purchase:

  • Office Supplies – please use our preferred vendor of Staples or WB Mason
  • Computers, laptops, software, (major technology items) – departments should consult with ITS
  • Non-Recycled copy paper

The College wide Amazon Prime account allows for free shipping on many items.

Sales Tax
Department Amazon accounts have been setup in advance with tax exempt status.

Note of caution regarding 3rd party vendors on Amazon:
In some cases, these businesses do not recognize our tax-exempt status and will place tax on the order. If this happens email a copy of the invoice from amazon showing the sales tax charge to and request it be removed.