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Paymode-X FAQ

Supporting Paper to Electronic Payment Conversion Goals

Supplier enablement is critical to the long-term success of our payable’s automation strategy. During the life of this payments program, we wish to enroll suppliers and encourage acceptance of this preferred payment method. This FAQ document will share best practices and ideas to optimize the success of Union’s supplier enablement strategy.

Supplier Enrollment

What should I do if a supplier asks about the Paymode-X network or payment options?

If a supplier calls to ask about the electronic payments program, reinforce with them that it is a supported initiative to streamline the payments process. Encourage acceptance of the preferred payment method.

Paymode-X can answer any questions related to enrollment, costs and payment processing. Paymode-X will also communicate the value and benefits of the network for the supplier. Simply direct the supplier to the Paymode-X team at (800) 331-0974 or via email at

Are there costs to suppliers associated with receiving payments through Paymode-X?

There may be costs associated with receiving ACH payments through Paymode-X. These suppliers will be provided a number of benefits and have access to payment information in preferred formats to automate their Accounts Receivables process.

All questions related to the network fee should be directed to the Paymode-X team at (800) 331-0974 or via email at

Does the supplier enrollment portal include reference to Premium or Basic ACH, allowing a supplier to choose from either payment method?

The Paymode-X portal default payment method is Premium ACH. However, there is a Basic Program as well. For Basic ACH enrollment, a supplier will be provided an enrollment code. This enrollment code provided by Paymode X will override the Premium enrollment path and the supplier will be presented with Basic ACH enrollment details. This will support the discussions with the supplier to focus on the preferred payment method.

How long does it take for a supplier to be setup on Paymode-X?

A supplier setup can take 5-10 days post agreement to enroll. This time can vary depending upon the supplier providing requested information timely.

Why should my suppliers enroll in Paymode-X for ACH payments?

Improving the payment process is a key initiative; reducing costs and mitigating the risk of payment fraud. Comprehensive Payables provides suppliers with services that they may not receive with other payment types including access to detailed payment remittance information, visibility to payments in process and the ability to leverage that information to streamline and automate reconciliation processes on their end. Most importantly, they have the opportunity to strengthen their business relationships with by supporting the initiative to transition away from checks.

How can I help my suppliers get enrolled?

Enrolling in the Paymode-X network is easy. Suppliers can go to: and complete the enrollment process which takes less than 5 minutes. The Vendor Advocate team is available to assist and can be reached at (800) 331-0974 or at If Vendors have questions regarding alternative payment methods or about the cost, they may reach out via phone or email as well.

As part of the Comprehensive Payables supplier onboarding efforts, suppliers will receive mail and phone outreach by the Vendor Advocate team.

Common Supplier Inquiries

The following questions are common supplier inquiries followed by common client/payer responses. Clients can modify the responses to fit their business requirements.

Is a change to the payment method required?

Enrollment in Paymode-X is not required at this time. However, we are reviewing business relationships on an ongoing basis and suppliers who do not enroll may be subject to changes in their terms and contracts.

Who signed our company up for this service?

An authorized user in your organization enrolled in Paymode-X. The Paymode-X service team can provide that information to you and help you locate the details in the Paymode-X portal. They Paymode-X Vendor Advocate team can be reached at (800) 331-0974 or at

Why are invoices being short paid? Why am I being charged a fee?

For electronic payments, there is a network use fee to receive secure payments, gain access to electronic remittance data, and deliver and track invoice status through the Paymode-X portal. During enrollment your organization selected to have the fee deducted from each payment. Please reach out to Member Services with questions related to the network use fee and other network billing options at (877) 443-6944.

We are already giving your company a discount, does this replace those?

Comprehensive Payables is not a discount program and would not replace any established agreements in place with us. The network use fee is assessed to receive your funds electronically with full remittance detail in a format of your choice. The Vendor Advocate team can provide you with details around how to make the most of the receivables solution.