Finance Department

Object Codes

Object Codes are used to classify expenditures into common categories. Using the correct object code will help your department and the College understand current purchases, assist with future budgeting, and identify opportunities to maximize our purchasing power across the College.

Download the list of object codes here: Object Codes - July 2022

A Union College login is required to view / download this file.

Please note that these object codes should be used for transactions beginning July 1st, 2022 (FY23 and forward). Any transactions to be posted to fiscal year 2022 will continue to use the historical object codes - a crosswalk is included in the new listing. We expect there will be only a very limited number of transactions to be posted to fiscal year 2022 after June 30, 2022 by non-Finance personnel.

The object codes in the listing are grouped by broad expense categories and are not necessarily in numerical order. Please use Adobe's search function within the document if you are looking for a specific keyword or code.

The listing of object codes does not include compensation or revenue related codes which are generally for Finance or other limited department use only. Please contact Finance if you have any questions.