Finance Department

Payment Requests

Payment Requests are used when a check or electronical payment is required and the vendor will not accept a Purchasing Card at no additional cost to Union. Service fees and Attorney fees should always be paid via Payment Request. All Payment Requests follow Union College's Purchasing General Terms & Conditions (below).

Final authority of whether a payment request will be accepted lies within the Finance Office.

Payment request instructions:

Complete the Payment Request form by explaining completely and in detail the reasons for payment. The account number(s) and object code(s) must also be assigned.

  • Please note that:

    • All vendors or payees require a full name and complete mailing address.
    • All payments to individuals for services rendered including performances, lectures, or other services require a W-9, a Social Security Number, or Federal Identification Number. Foreign vendors require a W-8.
    • For new vendors refer to the New Vendor Onboarding Process. You can inquire if a vendor is a new vendor by emailing Accounts Payable.
    • When paying multiple invoices using one payment request, a list of all the invoices and the amounts being paid needs to be added to the payment request form using a text box or sent with the payment request submission.
    • When special mailing instructions are required, please note this by adding a text box with your instructions on the Payment Request form.
  • Obtain the appropriate electronic approval(s) of the Account Director(s) paying for the purchases. Two electronic approval(s) are required or one electronic approval in conjunction with a Purchase Order number.
  • Forward the completed Payment Request form and proper backup documentation to Accounts Payable. See below for a list of proper back up documentation.
  • Checks will be mailed to the payee during the next check run, following the Pay dates schedule.

Payment Status of Request

To follow up on the payment status of your request please see the Payment Status instructions. (Login is required)