Finance Department

New Vendor Onboarding Process


When onboarding a new vendor, it's important to collect as much information as possible so the Procurement team can accurately detail them in our systems. By having as many details as possible, we adhere to federal guidelines as well as expedite the payment procedures to prevent issues from arising between Union College and it's partners.

Please utilize the following information to guide you through the vendor onboarding process.

New Vendor Process

Upon settling on the decision to onboard a new vendor, the following information is needed to ensure Union onboards them properly. Please ensure you have the following for any new vendors so the procurement team can seamlessly add the business into our systems for proper contact and payment:

  1. Vendor name: Please submit the vendor's name as found on their W9 (or W8 if they are a foreign vendor). This will allow procurement to properly address any payment methods and log said revenue with the federal government.
  2. Vendor address: List the appropriate remittance address for payments. When a vendor prefers a check to be sent as payment, this address will be used.
  3. Vendor phone number: List the appropriate phone number for the vendor contact. This will be the individual / office in which communication will be utilized through.
  4. Vendor email contact: List the appropriate email for the vendor contact. This will be the individual / office in which communication will be utilized through as well as where the finalized purchase order will be sent.
  5. W-9 (W-8 for foreign vendors): Upload the vendor's W-9 (or W-8), which should be requested from the vendor during the onboarding process. This allows us to have the same information registered with the federal government and will allow us to report without errors on Union's behalf.
  6. Certificate of Insurance: Upload the vendor's certificate of insurance, if applicable. A COI is needed when the vendor performs work on campus that could possibly result in destruction of property of personal injury.

Once you have gathered the necessary information and documentation, please submit it via the New Vendor Onboarding Form.


Paymode-X is an encouraged electronic payment method that attempts to continue Union College's mission to reduce paper waste while streamlining the procurement payment process.

Please review the Paymode-X FAQ page for more information involving onboarding for this process.