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Alex Lykins

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Octopus's Garden Volunteer Coordinator

The person filling this role will support Octopus's Garden (Union's organic garden) by recruiting, coordinating and confirming with volunteers. Several hours each week will be spent in Facilities Services in the Sustainability Coordinator's office working on volunteer coordination and Octopus's Garden promotion. Remaining hours will be spent working in Octopus's Garden (weeding, planting, water, etc.) alone and alongside/leading volunteers or under the guidance of Connie Schmitz, Landscape Specialist. This position offers an opportunity to help build a consistent volunteer base to support one of the star features of the Union College campus. If you have an interest in sustainability or organic gardening/farming, then this is the job for you!

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Gain in depth knowledge of Octopus's Garden (including history, groups supporting, annual needs, seasonal needs, weekly needs, etc.)
  • Promote Octopus's Garden via campus wide emails, posters, flyers, events, social media and outreach tables on campus
  • Develop a system with Connie Schmitz of Grounds to realize the needs (list of tasks and number of volunteers/hours needed) of the garden each week in advance
  • Recruit, coordinate and confirm volunteers to meet the needs of the garden each week
  • Meet new volunteers at Octopus's Garden, familiarize them with the shed, tools, equipment, techniques
  • Develop effective recruitment methods and accountability measures for volunteers
  • Meet regularly with the Sustainability Coordinator and Connie Schmitz of Grounds
  • Apply for a Presidential Green Grant to meet Octopus's Garden's needs for the next academic year
  • Work with Connie Schmitz to develop a list of needs and provide support to why the Garden is a benefit to sustainability at Union College
  • Communicate with other dedicated members/leaders of Octopus's Garden to ensure a smooth transition and preserve valuable practices and relationships
  • Participate in Octopus's Garden events

Qualifications for the Position:

  • Energy and initiative
  • Excellent organizational and communications skills (oral and written)
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office programs and internet use