Financial Aid

Theater and Dance Departments - Production


Yulman Theater

Supervisor's Name

Robert Bovard

Please indicate hours/shifts available

Afternoons from 1 - 5:00 p.m., rare nights and one or two weekends per term

Rate of Pay


Purpose/Role of the Position(s) within the Department

The role of the Production Work Study Student is to provide production support for the implementation of production environments for the Theater Department. This includes scenery and prop construction, lighting and sound installations, audience configurations and stage set ups, as well as other production needs of shows. This position also assists in the maintenance and up-grades of the production spaces, as well as production support needs for the Theater and Dance classes as appropriate.

Responsibilities and Qualifications

The student must be able to show up to the scheduled shift and report to the Technical Director for the afternoon's assignment. After completing the tool training session, the student is responsible for following OSHA, Union College and Department safety rules while at work. Specific production support assignments are determined by the current production's needs, as well as production maintenance and class production support needs. Once or twice per term the student will attend the "strike" (tear down of the production) after the production has its final performance.

Student must be reliable, able to listen and follow instructions and able to focus on the assigned tasks.