First-Year Preceptorial

For Faculty

Teaching first-year Preceptorial can be a wonderfully rewarding experience.  Instructors can choose their own theme and readings for the course.  You can teach in ways that may be very different from what you normally do and can explore topics that interest you outside your area of expertise.    

Teaching Preceptorial also presents many challenges.  Few instructors are satisfied with their first teaching experience in the course.  It takes years, and lots of experimentation, for most to feel they are doing as good a job as they'd like to do. 

What's the challenge?  Precept is an interdisciplinary course.  Students come from all disciplines, and many still haven't chosen a major.  Precept is a course that focuses on teaching student skills--not content.  That's something not all instructors are used to.  Precept is intended to be a discussion class, not a lecture.   Perhaps the greatest challenge is that Precept is intended to teach first-year students critically important skills in reading, writing, and thinking that will prepare them for their other college courses--and in only ten short weeks. 

The pages that follow provide some sources of help.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Teaching Precept

Teaching Resources for Precept Instructors