First-Year Preceptorial

Anu Jain's Response Paper Guidelines


·          Write six critical essays about the materials presented in the course.

·          Along with the success of your reading questions, these represent 30% of your grade.

·          Each one must be at least two pages long.

·          You should specifically cite from course readings and interpret their meanings in exploring topics.


·          To directly and analytically address central themes of utopias.

·          To examine the implications of your own thinking. 

·          A polished essay, which is typed and printed out, ready to hand in on time in class.

·          Writing that is:  free of typos, precise and specific, grammatically clear, logically developed, and articulate. 


·          Write down questions you thought of when reading and then brainstorm possible answers. 

·          Draw out the meanings and complications of ideas raised in class discussion.

·          Respond to one of the “Working Questions” from The Theory Toolbox and connect it to the readings/discussion. 


Begin with a first paragraph that tells me the context for your response paper. 

Explain:  Which reading/film made you think of this topic?  What concept relating to utopias interests you in particular? Why does it seem interesting?  What are debates about it? 

Then delve deeper into your own individual responses to this concept or argument.  Justify ideas you have by explaining what makes you believe as you do. 

Conclude the essay by telling me what you’ve learned in thinking about this topic.


#1           Monday, September 11

#2           Friday, September 22

#3           Wednesday, October 11

#4           Monday, October 23

#5           Wednesday, November 1

#6           Wednesday, November 8

For one of these, you may choose to write a creative piece about utopias.