First-Year Preceptorial

Student Views of Precept

Speaking from experience... 

A walk through my Precept:  J. Schokman, class of 2015

"My Precept experience was one that I was not expecting. Going into the class, I assumed it would be just a Gen-Ed requirement or an English-type class that would just call for more writing. I was thinking it would be the type of course that I would have to “get through.” Well, it turns out I could not have been more wrong!

First off, something I really liked was that we sat at individual desks that were on wheels and could move all around the room. We formed our desks in a semi-circle, which created a much more informal setting.  The casual atmosphere was an important part of Precept because the professor really tried to encourage student participation. This allowed everyone to feel comfortable contributing to the discussion and for each person to feel like an important part of the group.

Not only did I end up meeting new people, getting more involved than usual in class discussions, and bonding with my professor, but also I found that I was more interested and enthusiastic about the topics we were learning.  Although I had found authors like Lincoln and Darwin interesting before the class, I would not have been motivated to read them on my own. I was pleasantly surprised that I actually enjoyed reading the texts because the discussions the next day were so engaging.  I ended up learning a lot of things that I had "learned" in high school classes. Except I found myself really learning rather than memorizing, and Precept was a powerful medium that allowed me to do so. I was learning things about history and the world on top of the Precept material. This course made it easier and more enjoyable to learn!

In all, yes, Precept is a requirement, but to me it proved to be a meaningful course! Your first year is an important time to learn some ground rules for the rest of your college experience, so let Precept be a guiding tool that helps you think and act outside of the box!"

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