Fraternity and Sorority Life


The purpose of this page is to reaffirm the relationship between Union College and the almost 200 years of rich fraternity and sorority history recognized by the College. The College’s continued commitment to fraternal life is based upon the significant opportunities these organizations provide their members in the areas of personal and social growth, in academic and intellectual development, and in the acquisition of leadership skills and community service. The successful achievement of these standards will require mutual and reciprocal commitments from both the College and the Greek Letter Organizations.

Union College, through the Fraternity and Sorority Life Office, is committed to fostering a positive co-curricular experience for those students who choose to affiliate with a Greek Organization. It is the desire of all involved that the Greek community be given every opportunity to reach its fullest potential.

Sigma Delta Tau at the Greek Olympics

The Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life will assist the chapters in meeting the standards of the College, individual Inter/National organizations, and alumni chapters by providing resources and support in the areas of:

  1. Advising
    1. The College has expressed its commitment to the Greek community by assigning an administrator responsible for working with Greek organizations, including but not limited to the Interfraternity Councils, National PanHellenic Council, Multicultural Greek Council, Order of Omega, and Greek Judicial Board.
    2. The College will assist chapters in finding faculty/staff/alumni chapter advisers as well as provide training and resources to such volunteers.
  2. Administration
    1. The College will retain accurate minutes of past Council meetings, updated chapter and council rosters, term GPA reports, and updated constitutions and bylaws.
    2. The College will assist the Panhellenic, Interfraternity, and Multicultural Greek councils in investigating allegations of misconduct by fraternities and sororities and facilitate due process in judicial matters along with the help of the Greek Judicial Board, when necessary.
    3. The College, through correspondence, meetings, conferences, and telephone contact will maintain cooperative relationships with local alumni and the professional staff and volunteer officers of the international organizations represented at Union College.
    4. The college will develop criteria, policies, and procedures for the colonization and recognition of chapters in conjunction with the all the Greek Governing Councils.
  3. Recognition
    1. The College will regularly identify and recognize the positive endeavors of the Union Greek community and encourage both individuals and chapters to notify the college of awards, achievements, and community relations events.
  4. Academics
    1. The College will provide the means to promote, support, and evaluate scholarship as an integral part of Fraternity and Sorority Life as well as develop a system of services to enhance the attainment of the educational and developmental goals of the chapter.
  5. Membership Development
    1. The College will provide information to Greek organizations regarding College policies, procedures and regulations as well as state and local laws affecting fraternities and sororities.
    2. The Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life is expected to act as a consultant to councils and chapters in their organizational development including: officer training, constitution and bylaw review, financial assessments, and crisis intervention training and response.
    3. The College will organize and assist councils and chapters in organizing leadership, educational, and developmental programs including retreats, workshops, and seminars.
    4. The College will provide support in new member recruitment and education processes.
  6. Service
    1. The College will assist chapters and councils in identifying service projects and develop and promote Greeks’ annual community service and philanthropy efforts.

Greek Letter Organizations

Members of the Greek community have an obligation to themselves and the College to assume responsibility for actions, behaviors, and attitudes of membership. To maintain good standing, chapters must follow the guidelines set forth by the governing councils and Union College's Student Handbook, Responsibilities, and Disciplinary Procedures, as well as the policies of the Student Activities Office. Recognizing that Greek organizations may be held to higher standards than the general student body, the following basic standards have been established to assist each chapter to reach its fullest potential:

  1. Academic Excellence
    1. Each fraternity and sorority will develop scholarship programs that reflect the commitment to academic excellence in their organizational purpose and that will challenge members to achieve academically, provide scholastic support, and recognize both improvement and excellence in performance.
    2. Chapter members will share responsibility for the academic performance of initiates and new members and examine activities that detract from academic success.
  2. Citizenship
    1. All chapter members and affiliates are expected to speak and act with respect for the human dignity of others.
    2. Each fraternity and sorority is expected to adhere to the college policy on non-discrimination and select their members without regard to race, color, religious creed, national or ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation, or age.
    3. All chapter members will practice and promote good neighborhood citizenship and conduct consistent with the high values and ethics based on the purposes and principles of fraternity and sorority founding.
    4. Those with fraternity and sorority official/nonofficial houses, to maintain respect for community mores and consideration for others, should provide for maintenance of the chapter house and yard, exhibit noise control, and adhere to proper parking arrangements.
  3. Leadership and Campus Involvement
    1. Each fraternity and sorority will present campus involvement opportunities to its members on a regular basis and is encouraged to co-sponsor events with non-Greek student organizations.
    2. Chapter members are strongly encouraged to be actively involved with other, non-Greek organizations.
  4. Inter/national Organization Relationship and Alumni/Adviser Participation
    1. Each fraternity and sorority will support the ideals and standards set forth by its inter/national organization and demonstrate a strong commitment to upholding the basic values upon which it was founded. Relationships with individual alumni, advisory boards, and alumni organizations should be actively strengthened.
  5. Community Service
    1. In addition to participation in philanthropies recognized by each chapter’s inter/national organization, all chapter members must demonstrate a commitment to serving both the college and the Schenectady community. Although fundraising is an integral part of philanthropy, it is the expressed desire of the college that all Greek students take an active role in providing service to the community.
  6. Greek Relations
    1. All chapters will work with each other to promote the standards, ideals, and benefits of Greek membership and to build alliances with members of the college faculty, staff, community, and non-Greek students.
    2. Each fraternity and sorority is encouraged to develop positive promotions for chapter events that well represent their membership and the Greek system.
  7. Risk Management
    1. The university has zero tolerance for the illegal use of drugs, controlled substances, sexual abuse, and hazing. All chapters will educate their members on and follow closely a) FIPG, b) Anti-Hazing Policies c) the Risk Management policies as established by their national organizations, d) college policy, e) state and local laws. Violations may result in loss of university recognition as well as personal sanctions against individuals concerned.
  8. Housing
    1. Each fraternity and sorority will ensure that their property, which is occupied by the organization, complies with the applicable state and local housing and fire codes and provisions of the college and their national headquarters’ risk management policy. The exterior physical appearance should be maintained and should not appear unkempt or disorderly to the public (e.g. adequate removal and storage of trash, well-groomed landscaping, appropriate outdoor furniture).
  9. Membership Recruitment and Development
    1. Focus on the continued education and development of all initiated and new members should be implemented. Chapters will regularly sponsor educational programs that enrich knowledge, understanding, and skills for academic success, personal development, and exercise of leadership.
  10. Administrative Responsibility
    1. Positive overall chapter management requires strong organizational skills and financial practices. Each chapter must take seriously the importance of accurate and timely administrative duties.

********The value of Fraternity and Sorority Life for students who choose to participate is the merging of almost every segment of the campus community into one cohesive program – self governance, leadership development, academic achievement, service learning, social activities, housing, alumni relations, citizenship, and education. If the college, the local chapters, and the national organizations work together to foster the development of the Greek community and embrace the mission of Union College, Greek letter organizations will provide a unique and distinguished opportunity to the college student.

*Adopted from Central Michigan University